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    Hip Case for Mophie Juice Pack Air

    I have been looking too....
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    Bought a new 3GS for my wife at AT&T employee dropped it while trying to activate it

    If it was not for a 2 hour drive to a Apple store i would of been there ! hehe i seen it happen while paying my bill and to look at the customers face is priceless... its a shame more people don't speak up for them selfs .. they take what they get .
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    Bought a new 3GS for my wife at AT&T employee dropped it while trying to activate it

    Well my wife was up for a upgrade so we headed to att. When the employee was activated it she walked away from the counter the cord got caught on her name badge pulling it to the floor quite hard. at that point i told her i will not take that phone and made her get us a new one ... the...
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    16 refurb

    Warranty for Refurb is only 90 days must read the small print but im sure you could get Apple care for it.
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    FM Transmitter/Charger?

    yep it wants you to turn off the phone (airplane mode) if you don't.. you get the gsm static thou the speakers
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    FM Transmitter/Charger?

    I have the same one love it just can't receive calls :2cool:
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    MacBook Pro Share files from External HD to PC and Mac

    try macdrive on the pc
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    iCafe's 1,000th Post Reveal

    Cool Great Reveal Nice to Meet you..... you have a great since of humor ! i enjoy reading your post never know what your going to say next ... :2cool:
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    iSkin for iPhone 3G

    yep order it here
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    Your Opinion On Crashes

    well we all seem to have these problems ... maybe we should all do a return on the same day and see what there response would be. make it public get the news involved... National iPhone V2 Return Day .... August 1 2008 Who's IN ?
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    Operation BRICK!

    once you pull your sim they can't find you i could see them stopping from putting it back in there system .. but thats it on a blackberry they just black list the pin so no data use .
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    Bestskinever shipping full body skins 25% off

    well all i can say is give it a try you may find, it is the same for cheaper price
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    Prepaid yet?

    they will have other pricing options but not at first :laugh2:
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    Prepaid yet?

    From what i have read NO prepay 3g iPhones not saying you can't use a prepaid sim in it thou just can't buy it as a prepay.
  15. jnowaczyk issues with contacts and pics?

    well you kind of have to sit back and laugh.... i think they wanted to see how much there servers could handle. in a day or 2 well get a update but thats my thought