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    Family Share with strings?

    Actually, I don't see that they have made any improvements over simply sharing an iTunes Store account amongst your devices. There is still no way to prevent little Johnny from downloading that rated R movie that you bought, or any of the songs in your collection that aren't fit for his young...
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    iOS 8 Beta 2 Now Available For Download

    What amazes me is how they can go from fully-functioning features in iOS7 to buggier versions of the same features in iOS8. I expect affected features to perhaps have issues - like the keyboard covering up text entries a lot of the time now. But features that haven't (theoretically) been...
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    Month to Month 3G

    So can you buy a plan, then 5 minutes later cancel, and use the 3G for the month you paid for, without worrying about trying to remember when your month is up?
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    What's your average data usage monthy?

    Let me get this straight - if I have the unlimited data plan on my iPhone, I will have unlimited data on my iPad?
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    Anyone bought WiFi iPad and now regret not getting 3G?

    Bought the 3G, mostly for the GPS. I have a mifi, but if it is ever unavailable, I can get a month of 3G.
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    Is the iPad a Kindle Killer?

    Right now, it depends on the price. Full color, full screen, ePub format... If it's got a good price, Amazon will take a major hit. My question: Do we get iBooks for the iPhone too?
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    Some people are gonna come into some serious money...

    Not much of a legal leg to stand on. Just as they had to come to terms with Cisco over the trademark for iPhone.......
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    Some people are gonna come into some serious money... was registered in 1997, and iPad was trademarked for use as a computer in July. I guess those companies will see a ton of money from Apple to free those both up....
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    Rain-X on your iPhone screen

    No, actually, Rain-X fills in the microscopic pores in the glass, preventing anything from entering them and thereforee making it harder for materials to stay in place on the surface. There's no reason why it wouldn't assist in the removal of finger oils unless there was some reaction with the...
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    Oh boy (or girl)! It's on...

    Or on your head. Congrats, Dave... I have 3 and I have to say..... It's no fun. LOL
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    People already waiting outside Apple Stores

    "Dude, I was first in line when they announced that I couldn't buy anything new today at the Apple Store!"
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    iPhone 4.0 OS

    LOL - and I'll be thinking about bedtime around then... GMT +3 here.
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    Otterbox Defender...

    According to Otterbox: "The new and old holster look basically the same. However we have used a different material with the new holster that is less resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, the clips on the side of the holster were tightened which should hold the case more securely."
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    My iPhone to Nexus One transition

    I'd be happy with the MS equivalents.
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    Otterbox Defender...

    Be advised that Otterbox does NOT claim the case to be watertight or to provide any water protection whatsoever. In my review of the case, I splashed some water at it that found its way inside.