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    Screen Issues....

    this happened to me once but it was my whole screen.. all i did was reset it and bam it worked and it never happened again.. but in your instance you might have to return it i dunno what to tell u.
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    Can't send text messages to T-Mobile phones

    I know exactly what your talking about but i believe t-mobile servers were being dumb the past few days. Because i was text 3 of my friends who have the sidekick yesterday and they werent receiving any of my messages yesterday but i was receiving theirs. so i called my one friend and he said he...
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    The iPhone is Small!

    ya its been announced befor the iPhone was even thought of even befor the ipod came out
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    The iPhone is Small!

    yes its been announced forever.. he said it in the keynote
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    iPhone will cost more money for current customers in contract

    This is by far just a rumor. i find it hard to believe that they would cost there own customers that much more, that would turn a lot of people away from buying the phone.
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    For those who's plan isn't under your name...

    Im in the same boat im on a family plan with my step dad and mom. The AT&T rep told me that i would need for my step dad to call in a make me a user on the account and then bring his last 4 digits of his social in order to buy it on my own, so you all may want to double check are your local spot.
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    Just Making Sure, Question Regarding Family Plan

    ya you would only have to sign a 2 year contract not the other party on your family plan.
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    I destroyed my RAZR today (horror story)...

    no the millennium force doesn't have steps on the side of the hill