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    Unable to Activate EDGE?

    Issues Neither EDGE nor VisualVoicemail are activated for me. Voicemail works as "old school". My account does not show the new plan info either. I was activated but none of my friends were. I think some of us might not have fully activated accounts. I am luckily to have it work at all...
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    Final plans for Friday.

    People like you ruin it.... Friday morning is more than sufficient.
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    BLOG: Confirmed: DLO Cases selling along side iPhone on June 29!

    HipCase One HipCase for me. Perfect style for work. Glad I'll be able to get all setup from one store, and at one time.
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    Local Apple store open until midnight on 6/29

    Whatever... Apparently, AT&T Stores know even less. People keep making it seem like cellular plans are so "complex" only Cingular/AT&T trained employees can handle it. Let's be realistic. I know several cellphone store employees. They consistently admit that anyone in an online forum...
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    What will you bring camping?!

    MacBook iPod iPod shuffle Cellphone (AT&T Wireless) Bottles of Water Mountain Dew Pack of Chewing Gum Credit Card
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    Orlando, Fl

    Mee too! Hey, I will be at the Apple Store @ Millenia with my a buddy or two from work. I am afraid there will be more iPhone buyers than you think. Hopefully, having the Apple Store @ The Florida Mall so close will help cut down lines.... not to mention the several AT&Ts around. Right...
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    Orlando, Fl

    Any campers for Orlando, FL around here?
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    Experiences with malls...

    What it is like camping out at a mall? Will they let people in? How is it determined which entrance people wait at? I have waited out-front of individual stores... but never needed to wait for one located inside a closed mall. Thanks in advance. Orlando, FL