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    3rd Annual everythingiCafe "Turducken" Contest

    I am thankful for my 3 healthy children, my wonderful wife, my family which is so supporting, also for the new job I start next week as I've been unemployed for a while and it'll be nice to have income once again. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    MacBook Air Anyone get the MacBook Air (late-2010)

    I actually picked up the 11.6" base model last Friday, and I am in love! So far, it has been able to handle everything I've thrown at it, including streaming 1080p video. It runs great, it's not a powerhouse, but I'd imagine for the majority of people, it would be more than adequate. It is so...
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    Anyone see the Blackberry Playbook yet?

    As a new iPad owner, the only thing I see that's missing are the cameras and hdmi, but by the time the playbook comes out e next iPad will eclipse it!
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    Just got my iPad!

    Hello everyone, just wanted to say hi and let you all know I just got my iPad a few days ago. I've been an iPhone user since the first one and have always loved them, but have held off on an iPad so far due to being unemployed for a while and also not thinking that I'd really enjoy it, but...
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    Would getting iPhone 3G now makes me illegible for next iPhone subsidy?

    hello, I had become upgrade eligible 2 days before 3g came out, I got mime on Monday the 14th, I later checked my AT&T account, and now it says I'm eligible for it again on 7-15-2009, so for me it's only a year before I get another discount..... Not sure if it's because I've been a customer for...
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    Good reason to upgrade to 3G?

    I just got a 3g last Monday, and I love it even more than my v1 I had up until 3 months ago, I had just become upgrade eligible 2 days before the 3g came out, and now after activating the 3g, my account says I am eligible for an upgrade on 7-15-09, so only a year until I can upgrade, I don't...