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    Stolen activation?

    The Apple Store folks actually told us to get someone to buy the phone for us We were asking a store on a different island in Hawaii if they could ship an iPhone to us. They said no, but that we should have a friend come in and buy it and then ship it to us. We asked all kinds of questions...
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    So easy a 2 year-old can do it... call 911 that is!

    He just wants to do what the big people do He's oddly responsible for a two year old. Actually, he's two and a half. He closes doors, turns off lights, and puts things away on his own. He loves looking at the pictures on the iPhone and having his pictures taken. Like I said, he's already given...
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    iPhone Future Widgets

    Will definitely let you know! The main thing I need to overcome at this point is exactly what you can and can't do with AJAX to make a game that can be played by two people. The Mac client of the game has a built-in chat feature, and I know someone was able to hack a way to do AIM chat using...
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    So easy a 2 year-old can do it... call 911 that is!

    we stopped him before he actually dialed He had pushed the Emergency Call button, which gives you one more chance to cancel before you call in case you push the wrong button.
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    So easy a 2 year-old can do it... call 911 that is!

    Round 1 in the iPhone vs. 2 year-old experiment... We put a passcode on the phone so he couldn't get into it and so we handed it over to him. He already calls it the "cool phone." There are other phones - including another mobile phone in the house, but the iPhone is known as the "cool phone."...
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    EDGE not working

    I read something where you could be outside AT&T's Edge Network Apparently other carriers have Edge network as well, and I read in the Apple literature you could actually end up roaming, and get charged for Roaming. I'd call your AT&T or Apple dealer and see if they have any info.
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    iPhone is a piece of crap. iTunes doesn't even recognize my iPhone when plugged in

    you need OS X 10.4.10 nevermind... glad you got it fixed! :)
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    iPhone Future Widgets

    I'm all for games! I want to be able to play skill games against other people over the internet. I'm developing a site for a game, and I'd like for it to be able to be played over the iPhone.
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    Can you save an email attachment?

    I can view email attachments on the iPhone, but what I can't figure out is if you can save the attachment. I've emailed my phone pictures, and I'd like to save them with the other pictures on the phone. Is this possible?
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    I want to crush my iPhone

    another thread on here was saying to trade your SIM Someone couldn't get activated so they went back to their AT&T store, popped the SIM out and they gave him a new one. He said he did the registration screen again, and was on in no time...
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    Did they ACTIVATE your phone?

    No problems here... activated in about 3 minutes last night. We upgraded our existing AT&T account, replacing one of our mobile phones. I was wondering about the people who are having trouble: are you setting up new phone service, switching from another carrier, or using an existing AT&T account?
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    Flash pages not rendering on Safari

    iPhone doesn't do Flash At least right now... maybe in the future. Not supported.
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    did the iPhone sell out anywhere yet?

    On Maui, there were 20 phones for over 100 in line. I heard an Apple store in Oahu had 50 phones for over 1000 people in line.