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    Disappointed with iPhone 5s

    Considering the majority of their customers go with a 2-year contract and can't upgrade every year, I think its safe to say they aren't worried about reinventing the phone every single year. Most people wait till they are eligible instead of finding ways around it (like selling their phone on...

    Best Feature of iPhone 5S?

    Touch ID and the camera improvements. I am looking forward to not having to use a passcode or Apple ID password, and the slowmo/burst modes (and True Tone Flash) in the camera look awesome! Also, as an Apple employee the Touch ID sensor is by far my favorite feature because it means less...

    Keynote, Pages, and Numbers

    I believe it is only free with a new device purchase. There is a screen that pops up the first time you open the app store on the device that asks if you want to download iWork, iMovie, and iPhoto for free.

    Syncing multiple phones on iTunes account

    Exporting the contacts and making another account is just as much work except that you also have to maintain another account on a different service...

    WiFi problems

    Im sure that has something to do with that fact that other manufacturers don't have stores to go to. Apple is picky with the service for their devices and wants to provide the best service possible. Sometimes it might not seem like it but they really do have reasons for only providing tech...

    Photo stream question

    1. Do you have a Mac or PC? PC: Have you downloaded the latest version of iCloud? (2.0 I believe) Also, have you set up the Photo Stream folder location? Mac: Are you using OS X 10.7 or newer? Have you updated both OS X and iPhoto and turned on "My Photo Stream" in System Preferences? 2. Does...

    Syncing multiple phones on iTunes account

    You need to go in his phone under Settings>iCloud and delete the account. Just make sure when it asks to "Keep data on my iPhone" or "Delete data from my iPhone" that you select KEEP. Then he can sign into iCloud with his iTunes/Apple ID on his phone and you can stay signed in on yours. Once you...

    Colour change

    Just like stated above, you'd need to contact your carrier. They would need to cancel the order and reorder the new one. Or you can wait till you get the phone and exchange it.

    WiFi problems

    That is a normal process to make sure that you do not keep both phones. The box they ship you has adequate packaging to keep the phone you ship back to them physically protected. If the issue is something caused by Apple (like the greyed out wifi) then they will take the hold off of your credit...

    WiFi problems

    If the wifi section is greyed out, it needs to be replaced. Doing a restore (even DFU and setting up as new) will not work.

    iPad Character display issue

    That is pretty odd. The only thing I can think of is to do a restore (preferably a DFU restore)

    30 Day Return Policy

    To return an iPad you need to have a receipt (unless you want to argue with the manager for over an hour, which is still not a guarantee). Since you can buy an iPad at multiple places these days, they will not accept returns of serialized products unless they can find proof that it was purchased...

    Apple Maps - No Service

    Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for. ----------------------------- "Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

    Apple Maps - No Service

    I was using Apple Maps on my way home from the mountains today and noticed that after I started using the directions, I lost service for a while. I was expecting the maps to be gone or not working but it was working perfectly fine as if I had service. Can anyone explain why this is? My guess...

    Biggest disappointment about the iPhone 5?

    I disagree on the megapixel comment, but not because the MP count doesn't matter. I disagree because Apple doesn't really focus on numbers. If they change a number yeah they will share that, but they choose to focus on the benefits of their products, not the just the features. So I have no doubt...