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    Have you updated to iOS 6, what are your first impressions

    Downloaded and installed with no issue, can't seem to get passbook working, it says it can't get to iTunes Store. But other features are nice. Still diving deep.
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    The Increase in Size of SmartPhones

    I think some of the new phones are just too big to comfortably fit in a pocket. I understand the want of a bigger screen especially for a 4G device for web surfing, videos, games etc. I remember the old brick cell phones and it seems we are returning to the bigger form factor. But unlike the...
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    Sept 12th Announcement

    I just hope that iOS 6 is released before then for the older phones, it looks cool and should add some great features. My guess though it that the iPhone 5 will be released, then iOS 6 will be pushed out to the masses.
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    New dock conector

    I am a little worried that the small form factor of the new connector will not be strong enough to hold the iPhone and that any little torque at all will break it off and it will be STUCK in the phone itself, or worse ruin the contacts of the connectors. This could be even worse once you add an...
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    How many of you will buy the next iPhone?

    The new iPhone could be a bit iffy for me. I like the bigger screen without making the phone a small tablet. I do not like the fact that the headset connector is on the bottom, you can't use headphones/speakers when in a charging dock (unless Apple adds this to the dock). The new connector...
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    What's running on my iPhone?

    So what was draining your battery?
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    Enter to win Angry Birds for iPhone

    Free Angry Birds would be most excellent.
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    Caller id Pics

    I have a couple of contact lists (Exchage, icloud, and gmail) and I have pictures in some but not all and I have not yet gotten a caller ID picture. Which contact list does the phone use for caller id? Thanks
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    what do you think of this aluminum dock?

    I would be afraid that if the phone got bumped that the connector would break off or damage the phone connector. There is nothing to really support the phone.
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    Siri trouble

    I had to do a Settings->General->Reset All before my Siri would work at all. After that she became the dream she is.
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    Problems with 4s

    When I got mine just a few days ago, Siri would not work at all. Kept saying could not complete the request. I did a Reset All and Siri now works perfectly and the phone is working much better, battery life seems better too. The only thing you lose is any settings you had, but contacts...