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    Who has an iPhone 6+ and wish they got just the 6? And, vice versa?

    I got the 6 Plus on the very first day and haven't looked back. My only complaint is the lack of equivalent cases for the 6 plus when there are so many nice cases available for the 6.
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    Win iTunes Gift Cards from everythingiCafe

    I can always use an iTunes gift card!
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    Am I the only one not using a screen protector?

    No screen protector for me. I haven't used one since the early iPhone days, when I did it out of habit based on previous phones. I do like to keep it in a case, though... I am very active and go all over the place and need some sort of "bump" protection. I like the feel of the naked screen/glass...
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    No white iPhone 5 advertising?

    I wanted the black one (64GB) but the local AT&T Store did not get any on iDay, so I ended up getting a white one. I had the 4S in white and liked it, and after looking at the two (black and white) iPhone 5's side by side, I think I like the white a little bit more. One of my co-workers...
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    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    I picked up a couple of Rocketfish Soft Shell cases at Best Buy since they had some cool color options. They give some protection while still keeping it light.
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    Regretting your iPhone 5 color choice?

    I wanted black but the AT&T Store didn't get any to distribute, so I ended up with white. My 4S was white and I usually change colors every time I upgrade, but now the pattern is broken. However, I am not unhappy... they are both very nice looking!
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    Who loves their iPhone 5

    Did you get white or black?
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    No iPhone 5 Cases or Accessories at Apple Store

    The AT&T Store had some Speck and Otterbox cases, as described above. None were in the colors I wanted and I have a Coveroo case on order so I will probably wait. I did hear that some folks in line had already purchased a case from the local Best Buy last night as they were already on the...
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    Who loves their iPhone 5

    I do! I have to admit, I was very surprised at just how thin and light it was... now to see how well it runs the apps and how the new camera performs. Syncing to my MacBook Pro... that will take a couple of hours. The AT&T Store where I went did not have ANY 64GB Black units. They did have...
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    the Official iPhone 5 Campout Madness Thread

    This is me on the left inside our local AT&T store. They didn't get any 64GB Black units, so I settled for a white 64GB iPhone 5.
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    the Official iPhone 5 Campout Madness Thread

    The AT&T store in Virginia Beach had a number of Speck cases and also the Otterbox Defender cases for iPhone 5. They did not have any additional Lightning accessories. I heard the local Best Buy also had some iPhone 5 cases that were on shelves last night.
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    the Official iPhone 5 Campout Madness Thread

    9 of us in line at the main Virginia Beach AT&T store on VB Blvd. I drove by to check on my way to the Apple Store in Norfolk and decided I liked the odds better.
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    the Official iPhone 5 Campout Madness Thread

    9 of us in line at the Virginia Beach AT&T store on the Blvd.
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    Are you waiting in line?

    Heading to either the ATT store or the Apple Store on Friday AM.
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    16, 32, or 64GB? Which and why?

    64GB... too much music and too many photos/videos to keep on 32GB. I like having room, just in case.