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    iPhone 4 battery drain question

    I actually reboot my iPhone daily, find that I get better battery life by doing it. Now it's just habit.
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Helloooo! .. Welcome!
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    my new iPad 2 case

    Very cool, where did you pick that up?
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    Is AirPlay included in Mac OS X Lion?

    Would be a great feature, I don't see it as a option in settings, just in iTunes itself however I think it is mean't to work the other way around by allowing the computer to serve the iDevices content.
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    What software firewall does Apple use?

    Not to be rude, but a couple things wrong with your post. 2) Windows isn't based on DOS, originally ran on top of DOS, hasn't done that for a long time! A) Mac's can and have gotten viruses 3) Both Mac & Windows have built in firewall To the OP, I would recommend Zone Alarm, one of my favorite...
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    3D iPhone

    Ugh, IMO Glasses free 3D sucks, it's fun to look at for a minute but that's about it, hard on the eyes. Funny thing is having the 3D video camera that is good for shooting 3D Videos that "only" work on your phone, no thanks!
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    10 concept designs for the iPhone 5

    #3 is my favorite as well, looks sharp!
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    Mobile ME - current users

    I like my address as well.
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    iPhone iOS 5 install gone a bit wrong

    Having your UDID registered is super critical.
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    Griffin Survivor vs. Otterbox Defender opinion

    @canamera I agree, life proof case looks amazing .. I am on the pre-order list as well.
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    does the Verizon iPhone Have slower data speeds than other smart phones

    Yep, Verizon iPhone is technically world mode capable sans SIM slot on the hardware. I bet iPhone 5 is one phone for all networks.
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    Best PAID Cydia Apps

    It is a known issue that they are working on ... I hope that they get it fixed, Bite SMS is so much better than the default IM app.
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    Limera1n for Mac is out

    Works perfectly.
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    Great battery life on iPhone 4

    I agree, take it to the Apple store.
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    Favorite Food Restaurants

    Red Lobster