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    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    I'm sorry, I was asking if your buddy's phone was an AT&T phone. Because I got my phone on DAY ONE also. I haven't heard anyone else saying that they completely bricked there phone without any way of restoring it back to factory using this new method.
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    Customize 1.1.6

    Thank you! Just had to load the PXL Daemon.I'm really glad 1.1.3 is still there. I can't wait until they get this coded correctly because it is a very nice App. It's a little buggy on iPhone firmware 1.1.2.
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    Customize 1.1.6

    How did you install customize 1.13 using ibrickr? I'm not sure how to do this.
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    Are Stock iPhones Having Any Problems w/ Update?

    Alright, I got my phone out of recovery mode.To get it out I did a restore on a completely different computer(Vista laptop)then I plugged it back into my desktop(XP) and used the iPhone back up files to bring it back to it's last state.But i still can't do a firmware update to 1.1.1.
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    Are Stock iPhones Having Any Problems w/ Update?

    Thanks for your help. I tried that process about 6 times with no luck.
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    Are Stock iPhones Having Any Problems w/ Update?

    Same here. My iPhone has not been modified and the update failed the restore also failed. It says " The iPhone 'iPhone'could not be restored.An unknown error occurred (6)". Now my phone is in recovery mode and cannot be restored... Help me:embarrassed:
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    sync hotmail/ msn

    GetMail v3.1., that's what I use to get my Hotmail sent straight to my iPhone through Gmail. The Catch? you have to have a computer thats always on to forward you your Hotmail.I'm only using this temporarily while i slowly migrate to Gmail.
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    HOW-TO stream mp3, mp4, serve Word, Excel, PDFs to iPhone

    I LOVE that website:smile:
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    How to send MMS from your iPhone - THE ANSWER HERE

    So you can set multiple e-mail addresses for each contact, right? I don't have an iPhone yet I was waiting to hear a workaround for mms, among other things.
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    Another Look At iPhone(Video)

    Thank You for letting me live! Yeah, he doesn't seem very tech savvy for a TECH Journalist
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    Another Look At iPhone(Video)

    sorry if this one has been posted.It's from USA Today.It shows EDGE speed and You Tube
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    What phone do you have?
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    Wondering how to find your "official" AT&T store"

    I'm closer to Springfield. I'll have to keep that in mind.Thanks! Where are you at in Illinois?
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    Wondering how to find your "official" AT&T store"

    Yeah I Know... might be going to an Apple store(chicago)