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    after jailbreak on 1.1.1 3rd party apps open then close

    I am having the same issues. I am assuming it has to do with permissions but am not intelligent enough to figure it all out :-) Any help would be great !
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    Sync iTunes and Outlook

    you actually started a new thread not a new forum. And secondly if they didn't work - say so in THAT thread not start a new one. But I forgive you because you are Canadian :-)
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    A few questions about 3rd Party Apps

    google search for the win Just google whatever application you have questions about - always go to the source page to get your questions answered.
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    My t-mobile "my fave" theme knock off :P

    Got it THANKS !
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    My t-mobile "my fave" theme knock off :P

    Anyone able to get this working ?
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    My t-mobile "my fave" theme knock off :P

    Doesn't seem to be working for me. :-( Anyhelp would be great Think it has to do with me down grading from 1.1.1 ?
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    Help me figure out what to spend my $100 Credit on

    I eBayed mine for 91 dollars :-)
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    iPhone DOES NOT WORK as advertized: Full refund in order

    Dumbest thing I have heard today
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    if only I could connect to the damn restore server from work. Websense and the fricking routers here SUCK !
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    (Another) Calendar Sync Solution

    Was so excited to see this and NOTHING - I don't even have the live search functionality to remove :-(
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    Apple quietly handling iPhone touchscreen issues?

    I have had some similar issues but the phone is still working solidly.
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    Send your iPhone pics to Flickr.. Yes its possible

    Could of sworn though that picture sending costs 50 cents a piece to send. Thought I read someone had a HUGE bill the 1st month.
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    My Review of 1st Generation iPhone

    Nice - here is mine The iPhone kicks major ass, get one or get out !
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    NES FOR THE iPhone! (yes a real 3rd party app)

    Sound doesn't work to the best of my knowledge unless you are using your head phones. The NES emulator right now is behind in terms of where it should be BUT is blazing at speeds up a few updates a day if not more. Its a fun thing to have on there to show people but not playable for the more...
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    NES FOR THE iPhone! (yes a real 3rd party app)

    This is definitely an awesome start BUT the games are worthless. Super Mario brothers doesn't allow you to jump and run at the same time or its very hard to do if you are able to. Great start I look forward to playing. Landscape mode is cheesy as they need to work on that one. Worth the time...