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    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 what to expect tomorrow?

    I feel that those ordering tomorrow morning will have an easy time of it. I don't see much demand. Many who do upgrade will be those who have a specific need and interest in the iPhone cameras or those who have an older iPhone model.
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    I'm watching now. I won't be upgrading this year and probably not even next year. I bought the XS Max last year and I'm satisfied with that. I will wait until there is a huge upgrade.
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    In my opinion, the best Horror movie of all time.
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Exactly, remember the good ol' days when you could buy the iPhone starting at $299 and trade in your older iPhone and make a profit. Of course they were also subsidized and a fraction of the ability of today's iPhones.
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    I think we feel that way now more than ever since the new iPhones have become so pricey. We expect the best customer service experience, and rightly so.
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    iPhone XS/XS Max Photos

    Beautiful! My favorite is the second picture with the lighted palm trees at dusk.
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    iPhone XS Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    The set up was a breeze for my Xs Max. I just had an issue with Apple not transferring my new iPhone over to my cellular AT&T service. But a quick phone call fixed that. I love how sleek it feels and the beautiful edge to edge OLED screen. Coming from a 7 Plus this is an impressive upgrade. I...
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    I'm loving this new iPhone Xs Max. It is so much sleeker and feels less bulkier compared to the 7 Plus. I don't think it is huge at all like the commentators and media says it is. I don't have large hands either. Only issue I had with setup is I had to call AT&T to set up my phone service. It...
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Great for you! I also ordered the 256 GB size. I've never seen such a screw up by UPS with tracking information. This morning it is now saying my tracking information can't be found. Others on MacRumors are having the same issues however.
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Long time Napolean. Are you getting the new iPhone this time?
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Well this sucks:
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Mine is finally upgraded to Shipping status on Apple. UPS is now showing in Anchorage, AK.
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Yes, it says Incheon, Korea.. Thank you for that flightaware link. I'm going to check it now.
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    iPhone XS iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    I think there are problems with the updating of shipping status at UPS. My order still says in Korea and Preparing to Ship on Apple's site. I have a feeling the iPhones are already in the States and ready to be delivered tomorrow.
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    iPhone XS Apple iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Special Event Discussion

    I believe that with the Spigen case it will take 10 business days to receive it. I ordered from a different company (NOMAD) and have now received my case, but still have my order also with Spigen.