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    Shared calendar app - need suggestions!

    Thank you for the suggestion, I will check it out!
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    Shared calendar app - need suggestions!

    Scratch this -- setting up a shared calendar through iCloud is good enough here. Thanks!
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    Shared calendar app - need suggestions!

    We have been using the free version of Hub for a few months now. Unfortunately, we hit the point where our Hub is full and can no longer add anymore shared calendar entries. Hub is really nice as it can read your iPhone calendar and you can decide whether to share those events or not with the...
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    How has your experience with the iPhone 6 Plus compared to the 5s?

    When the iPhone 5 came out, I remarked how it was the perfect screen size and all the Android devices with their 5+ inch screens were way too big. I decided to just go for it and pre-ordered the 6 Plus. While I was waiting for it, I actually tried cancelling to switch to the 6 instead, but AT&T...
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    The problem with iPhone 6 Plus

    I really enjoy my iPhone 6 Plus; however, some applications are not refined yet for the Plus. I do agree that Facebook is a little wonky. I am using Standard view on my iPhone 6 Plus but when you launch the Facebook app, everything is bigger (i.e. the font is larger in both the feed and also the...
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    I was in the 10/13 - 10/22 group for the iPhone 6 Plus from AT&T, but it just landed today. Way ahead of schedule!
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    Still patiently waiting for mine from AT&T. I am in the 10/13-10/22 group...
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    I'm still alive!

    Hello! :)
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    I'm still alive!

    Nice to see there are still some familiar faces around here! :)
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    First iPhone 6 sold dropped

    Saw this on Digg and Reddit this morning. Pretty damn funny!
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    iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

    I actually pre-ordered the 6+ and then saw some videos with how big it really it. Fortunately, AT&T Premier is pretty horrible about answering their calls, so after 45 minutes of waiting I decided not to cancel the pre-order after all. I am glad I did not switch to the iPhone 6, as I am now...
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    I'm still alive!

    Hi everyone!
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    iPhone 6 Plus, it's really big

    Personally, I am excited about the iPhone 6+ Unfortunately, my shipment is delayed for about 3 weeks from the launch date today. Wait too long to pre-order. Oh well.
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    test post only, don't read

    I just read all 176 pages.
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    Let's see ya face

    Here is me