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    Am I the only person who is unsatisfied with restoring as a solution to problems?

    SmartAlx is definitely not a troll. A troll is someone determined to be biased against a site's product or subject. Don't let "We love Apple exactly WHY?" is the signature file fool you. -K
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    Enable Multi-touch Gestures on Windows

    The guy's a spammer. Link removed and he's banned, but I left some content if anyone's still interested.
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    What shows are you watching?

    +1 Laaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaa!
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    Best PAID Cydia Apps

    That's right. Around here we pay people for their work. -K
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    iPhone 4 drop test: the results are in

    @fury, just wondering why it was in your pocket after trashing it on the parking lot asphalt. Could it still make calls in that state, or could you not bear to part with an old friend? btw, we now know that you don't wear glasses. Anyone who wears glasses (including yours truly) knows that the...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Welcome! EiC doesn't support Gravatar at this time, so have fun creating a new one here! -K
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    Just remember; it's just a gadget.

    As long as you didn't hit the moisture sensor! :)
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hi, and welcome aboard.
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    Just remember; it's just a gadget.

    Mtay, there's an iPhone app that'll help you spell marlaria...malraia...marleya... ;) We're fanboys and we get emotional. Forgive us our passions. Imagine how excited we'd be if it were a malrooyay vaccine! -K
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    Past is the Past

    Can't be that hard.
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    iPhone 4G speculation

    Enough flaming, and watch the langauge. Now move on, please. -K
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Welcome aboard! -K
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    Has anyone heard anything....

    @Cloverfield, Napoleon and iNinja are correct. Jailbreaking is fine. We even have forums here discussing it. The Cydia package apps aren't "cracked." Referring to cracked commercial apps as "free" is like referring to a stolen television as "free." Here, we respect devs by paying for their...
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    iPhone stuck in emergency mode

    For the benefit of the community, please post your "fix" if there was one. Thanks. -K
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    Snow Leopard Issues and quirks

    The thread isn't up; that is a redirect link to the merged thread. All content is merged into the "issues & quirks" thread. We often leave redirects to help folks who may be looking in the forum for the other thread. - K