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    3G with 1st Gen SIM card

    I bought one for my wife for Christmas to replace he original iPhone, after restoring the phone from her backups (per Apple instructions) all I did was pop the SIM out of her V1 iPhone and pop it into the new 3G and all was fine.
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    Is this online browser game playable on the iPhone?

    Glad to read some of this stuff. I started playing yesterday and it was frustrating. NOTHING to do right away. Takes forever to get stuff built up. Finally have all my fields at least at level one, now putting in some buildings and boost some of the fields. Not really many players around me...
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    What phone would you be using if the iPhone didn't exist?

    I Would be using my Blackjack thats sitting in my drawer. I had switched from Sprint (had a PPC-6700) to AT&T and got the BlackJack. I'm surprised people like the BlackBerry so much, we just all got new ones at work and every one of us thinks they horrible phones and devices. We all got the 8830...
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    "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone"

    I've been getting it in the middle of the night while it's plugged into it's own dock charging. Wakes me up because it's bright and comes on all the sudden. Freaking annoying to say the least. Needless to say I've unplugged it from the doc and just lay it face down with the cable plugged...
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    Oh **** my roommate washed his iPhone

    You can try drying it out at a very low heat. I've used very good isopropal alcohol in the past to fix water issue with electronics devices. If Apple won't help these are possibilities but you need to make sure you know what you're getting into. Also the heat method may not be the best with the...
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    How do I turn edge off when roaming?

    Data roaming off is what kills the phones ability to roam edge when out of your provider. Thats pretty much what you're looking for.
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    Anyone Give Up and Go Back to Blackberry?

    I've got a BlackJack sitting in my backpack in case I ever really need it. So far I have no reason to go to it. The iPhone isn't perfect but it's a heck of a lot better then what I've come from in the past. I haven't missed any calls, every call that comes in I can actually answer (far better...
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    What do you drive or ride?

    I went and looked at the Cayman S and was completely into it. I heard it's a great driver, nice power and real good in the twisties. It's something I'm definitely considering and think I would have fun with. I almost bought a used 911 TT from an auction a few years back, my parents buy cars all...
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    What do you drive or ride?

    Wow I'm a Porsche fanatic, have been into them since I was a little little kid playing with matchbox cars. I love the RUF, have seen many of their cars. How is it as far as streetability? Right now I have a 2006 Nissan 350Z (Alpine White) and a 2006 Chrysler 300C (Black lowered and loaded) but...
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    Rumor: 3G iPhone with GPS coming soon?

    I've had many smart phones before I got my iPhone some of my previous phones to this one where a BlackJack, PPC-6700, Treo 650, Treo 600. I can tell you that when 3G speeds came into play with my PPC-6700 my battery life went downhill FAST. The older Treo's didn't have 3G and their batteries...
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    Repair Needed Message

    Most phones out now have the sticker. The ones I've seen turn red when they get wet. I know someone who dunked theirs on accident and then just made a new water sticker to replace the old one. Not real honest but it worked (no it wasn't an iPhone)