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    If FAVRE returns, MAdden 09.......

    Say if Brett favre returns which is going to happen due to fact he faxed in his reinstatement letter to the league office and he gets traded to another team, do you think EA SPORTS madden 09 will change the cover to him in his new uniform?
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    seriously the pencil trick was insane! Lol Wanna see a magic trick! WHAM! LOL I hope b3 comes out within 2 years
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    Man Was this movie da shizzznit! I have to say better than ironman It suck though heath ledger was a great joker!, But Got a question did 2face really die? I mean in da comics and all im just wondering will harvey dent be back for da next batman movie! But also Speculation has it johnny depp...
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    iPhone ringtonemaker works for 3G

    I Uploaded my ringtones from iPhone ringtonemaker to my 3g iPhone it works well!
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    My 3G iPhone adventure West Palm Beach Florida Edition

    Hey guys, You have got to hear my story, so july 11th iPhone 3g launch started @ 8:00, my intentions was to get it on tuesday july 15th on my birthday, because i already owned the 1st iPhone. I went to the gardens mall to pick up gift cards to the mall for my sister because it was her birthday! I...
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    Sending Picture messaging.

    I know its a bummer but I send pics through emails
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    3G Activation?

    Hey Guys man its been along time since I been on here, But I was just wondering is it 100% fact that if you do purchase a 3G iPhone you must activate it in the store?
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    How much will it cost me?

    Okay Say if im a returning customer and I already have unlimited data plan with my current iPhone?
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    $100 credit = more iTunes music

    Thats gay man Im going right now to the Apple store
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    $100 credit = more iTunes music

    True I have Jawbone its incredible
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    $100 credit = more iTunes music

    Im going for the 100 iTunes gift card so I can get ringtones!
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    What does Your Avatar Mean?

    My Means the future iPhones lol
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    I Got My Refund !

    This is a Lie BC I live in West Palm Beach and I bought my iPhone @ ATT I talked with them and them I called both Apple Stores 1 in the gardens mall and 1 in the Wellington Green Mall; I asked them if they would give me a refund they told no due to the fact that I bought my phone on Iday but the...
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    Props to Jobs for making even more money

    Welcome to the Electronic businesss man; at least he is giving 100 bucks back some cheap B**tereds such as bill gates would give you credit on like the xbox 360 lol personal experience