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    Quicktime video on iPhone Safari browser?

    actually... I tried to watch a .mov file embedded on a webpage and it wouldn't load. I tried it over both EDGE and wi-fi connections, but no dice. Last time I checked, .mov files are Quicktime compatible, right? I believe H.264 (the encoding for Apple's iphone-specific movie trailers) is the...
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    so it's a great phone, but is it a 'fashion' phone?

    I haven't very frequently seen the iPhone lauded (or derided) as the latest hot (or obnoxious) fashion accessory, a la the LG Prada phone. And the iPhone users I've spotted so far seem decidedly non-fashion oriented -- mostly disheveled looking salarymen and IT geeks who wear it around their...
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    Will The iPhone record video and shuffle songs

    I would appreciate it if you'd refrain from using 'gay' as a pejorative here. Not trying to play P.C. police, but you never know who will be reading these forums. This is actually one of the most civil and polite forums I've ever seen, and I'm sure everyone would like to keep it that way...
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    No MMS Messaging?

    Alright, maybe 'elitist' was a poor word choice, but that doesn't change how very exclusive they've made the iPhone based on how they've chosen to make it available to the public (i.e. only on AT&T, only with an expensive data plan, only at a very high retail price with no subsidy... I'll...
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    No MMS Messaging?

    I agree with people who are saying that MMS will ultimately be outdated, but I don't think it's fair for Apple/AT&T to say, essentially, "You can't send or receive photos and videos with your friends' phones unless they get rich html e-mail like our fancy iPhone does...So there." For such a...
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    Pricing "rumors"

    Actually, I think that automatic contract restart may only be for when you change your core voice plan (i.e. number of minutes). My contract ended almost a year ago and I recently added an additional text package to my voice plan without any long-term agreement. It would be pretty b*tchin if...
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    What kind of music do you listen to?

    I'll confess my love for the 80s too (the Fall and the Cure in particular); recently I'm liking more ambient music like American Analog Set and Broken Social Scene; but my first love is classic country (Dolly, Elvis, Emmylou, Gram Parsons, Wanda Jackson) and I'm enjoying a lot of the psychadelic...
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    iPhone OS question

    Fair enough...! There's definitely a chance of the iPhone being gorgeous enough in person that I simply won't care about its flaws.
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    iPhone OS question

    One of my biggest questions right now, which may in fact be elementary, is whether platform-wide functions that are basic to any modern computing device (like copying/cutting and pasting text, for example) will be present on the iPhone, since the iPhone's OS doesn't seem to have a consistent...
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    interesting rumor Here's a link to an advertisement supposedly leaked from a consumer survey that lists the 4 GB at $299 and 8 GB at $399 with a 2-year contract. It may be just to test consumer reactions to different price points but certainly inspires some wishful thinking...