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    AT&T cracking down on unlimited tethering

    It's not about the total amount of data over a month. It's about how much of the available bandwidth is consumed at any moment, and by how many paying users. Cells have limited bandwidth and backhaul that need to be shared by all. Dozens of users with fairly slow data needs is easy to...
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    Injured Droid User

    Moto's not alone. Apple's products also explode or combust. iPhone 4 almost puts out eye - "A French teenager has been injured by his girlfriend's exploding iPhone, little more than a week after Apple was accused of trying to suppress news of an exploding iPod Touch." Exploding iPod...
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    HTC HD7 Death Grip Issue

    When HTC claims their phone has a magical new antenna... When HTC's CEO emails someone and tells them they're "holding it wrong"... When HTC has to rewrite their status display code to not enormously overstate signal strength... THEN we can compare this news with Apple's previous situation.
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    tried the Viewsonic Android tab...

    Liked the comment that you prefer real buttons to touch ones. I often agree with that. I am surprised the tablet didn't have touch feedback vibration like most other Android devices, so you could tell if you hit a button. Unless that was turned off? Edit: just checked. Yes, others have...
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    Anyone seen that new Samsung flagship phone

    Verizon's network should be just fine. They've been handling mass amounts of 3G corporate laptop access for years. Of course, an LTE-4G iPhone wouldn't use up EVDO 3G resources. If the iPhone was still 3G-only, the most that would happen is a data slowdown at times. Remember, voice and...
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    Anyone seen that new Samsung flagship phone

    The other great phone coming soon is the Incredible HD, supposedly with a 4.3" screen and Verizon LTE 4G support.
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    Android apps caught covertly sending GPS data to advertisers

    Being a mobile developer for the past decade, I use and program various handhelds. So yes, I have an Android phone (along with RIM, iOS, WM, CE and J2ME devices). Why? I suspect most advertising code sends GPS data. No surprise. Do you remember the brouhaha over iPhone apps that were doing...
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    Android apps caught covertly sending GPS data to advertisers

    Typical publicity seeking article. There have been iOS apps found to do similar things, such as a tip calculator that was sending all your Contacts information to someplace in China. On Android, it's pretty easy for groups to find and monitor potentially offending apps, since every app has...
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    Transferring contacts from iPhone 4 to Blackberry Storm 2?

    Agreed with the above. In fact, I keep all my contacts (and calendars) with Google via my GMail account. That way, all my devices stay in sync. Plus whenever I get a new device, I just set enter my GMail account info and click the sync mail / contacts / calendar checkmarks and boom...
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    iPhone not coming to Verizon anytime soon

    Umm. What quote? If you mean the words in this thread's (or that article's) title, Ivan apparently didn't say them. Instead, they were the conclusion of some reporters from his other comments.
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    Have US Wireless Carriers Gone Mad? The Crippling of Samsung Fascinate and Captivate!

    Before that. Slingplayer, VoIP apps, and probably high-res YouTube. As Apple said to the FCC when asked why they hadn't approved Google Voice: "There is a provision in Apple’s agreement with AT&T that obligates Apple not to include functionality in any Apple phone that enables a customer to...
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    Have US Wireless Carriers Gone Mad? The Crippling of Samsung Fascinate and Captivate!

    This has little to do with being "open platform" or not. Carriers have been customizing phones forever, with all sorts of OS's. If they add functionality, I'm all for it. Removing functionality just makes them look bad. One can only imagine how much Mircosoft must've paid to get Bing on as...
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    Why does Microsoft do this to themselves?

    This wasn't an ad campaign. It was a developer party for finally getting it out the door. At least they get to party. I bet Apple won't even let their guys go to a bar any more. :) Although I must say, they have weird party tastes up there in Seattle. PS. As for Kin, I hear it came out...
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    Could this be a future iPhone competitor?

    lol Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. BGR never complained all this time about the lack of an app switcher on iOS, but suddenly it's a major issue if it's missing on another system? Personally, I find the lack of a Go-Back button very annoying on iOS. On other systems if you go...
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    Facebook iPhone Dev: The more I work with Android the more it reminds me of Windows.

    Depends on what you want to do. There are far, far more jobs and devices using Java than Objective-C.