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    Has anyone else been getting this...hmm?

    so after the update, i was fiddling around with it and you know how like the new update allows you to preset the home button to a certain thing, while my phone was in sleep or locked, i pressed the home button twice, and the screen to unlock it came up, with my ipod controls on the top with the...
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    Best looking iPhone! 360covers iPhone

    nice! i want a gears of War one, or halo3:] hmm did you get a wallpaper with it so it looks really nice when your phone is on? in the first picture it looks tight as hell.
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    Battery life....close to giving up

    Currently i am.. Usage : 2 Hours, 40 Minutes Standby : 1 Day, 2 Hours and battery is about 80%... i can get a crap load of hours without it i just a lucky one?
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    Anyone else having a problem with Hotmail?

    set cookies to be allowed on sites Visited. should work for ya, i had the same problem with Myspace, but now it works great.
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    18! me and my friend Ed, are the only kids i think in like North West Pa that has a iPhone...unless they are all hiding.
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    wow AIM is probably one of the easiest to use, have you tried it? and im guessing you mean an actual app not an online one, if so sorry:P. but yeah.
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    Mundu IM.. the best IM app I've seen so far is better then this in my opinion, if you only use AIM. if not then this is probably a lil better:]. haven't tried it yet, due to massive storms effecting my edge:(. but yeah.
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    iSkin Revo

    yup just received mine yesterday morning and fits snug as eff. i loveeee it:) and if it collects any dust at all, one blow and all of it is gone, i love it, and i love how smooth it is, its sweet.
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    Returning my iPhone Today!

    hahahhaahha funny
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    iSkin Revo

    did you buy like 3 of them? or 2? ha why did it cost you 100 so far.
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    iSkin Revo

    nice bed sheets. :) ha
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    Buff out scratches, new look to iPhone

    pictures! ha, so it isn't shiny any more:(?
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    good bye for now iPhone

    nope, we're cooler then you.:):)
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    Trouble going to myspace, and

    hmm i believe i tried that:(