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    Free or unlimited text between iOS 5 users?

    Not if you turn off "Send as SMS" in the settings. This way, it will not default back to regular SMS if the servers are down.
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    iMessage text vs WiFi

    I'm still a little confused with this thread. You DO have a way to make sure a recipient is not charged for receiving a text message before you send them...turn off "send as SMS"! If you turn off "send as SMS", and you make sure it says iMessage when you are about to text someone, then it WILL...
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    Why is iMessage better than standard SMS?

    I think it might actually be the opposite. I have so many friends that have iPhones, that I could probably reduce my texting plan down to the lowest available one now...actually costing the carriers money.
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    iMessage text vs WiFi

    I read his post as "iMessage-only" for him. In any regard, if they both set their phones like this, his dad will have no issues with sending text messages accidentally, and won't have issues accidentally receiving text messages from his son. Problem solved...
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    Lots of APPS not fully compatible with iOS5?

    Oh, I see. I have not experienced this with any apps that have been updated for 5.0 (only with the ones that haven't) and certainly none of Apple's native apps. Perhaps a problem if you restored from backup?
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    AirPlay mirroring with iOS 5 and iPhone 4

    I do believe the iPad 2 had already received the mirror feature in a previous update, and they were saying that 5.0 would add that functionality to the iPhone. Not really sure, but whatever the case...I'd like to know if the iPhone 4 is capable of it as well as the 4s.
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    Lots of APPS not fully compatible with iOS5?

    Uh, yeah... The apps have to be updated for compatibility with iOS 5... Some will be slower than others, and some will never be updated.
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    Any newly found treasures in iOS5?

    Sorry to nitpick, but wouldn't it actually be a feature for the HEARING impaired? ;)
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    Verizon and FaceTime/iMessage

    I do not believe FaceTime works over 3G on any carrier. iMessage, on the other hand, should work without issue.
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    iMessage text vs WiFi

    Sure there is... Under Settings/Messages/ make sure iMessage is turned ON, and then turn "Send As SMS" OFF!
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    AirPlay mirroring with iOS 5 and iPhone 4

    I agree completely! This was announced as a feature of 5.0, way before there was talk of the next iPhone, and yet it's a feature only available on the newest iPhone. They should have never mentioned a feature that was only to be available on an as of yet unknown new phone.
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    The camera availability on the lock screen... Don't see it.

    Probably because 5.0 doesn't come with an instruction manual, and most people would assume that the camera icon would simply be available on the lock screen without having to manually make it appear. It's supposed to be a feature to allow you to take pictures quicker and easier, yet they make...
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    Apple remote update

    Do you have "Wake-on-LAN" enabled in your BIOS?
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    iOS 4.3 text message tones

    In typical fashion, they even screwed this up. They shortened some of the ones that were already short, and left some of the longer ones alone. I used to use the Choo Choo tone, mainly because it was one of the shorter ones, but they even hacked that one up and now it no longer appeals to me...
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    iOS 4.3 Discussion Thread

    Yes, they have shortened SOME of them. I'm kinda upset, as they shortened the Choo Choo that I liked and was using. It's now just Choooooo... LoL