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    Can't hide icons

    U need to uninstall 1.18 and install Customize(old) 1.13. I had the same problem because I am on 1.0.2 as well.
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    Customize 1.18

    Running on 1.0.2 I saw an update for customize 1.18 so I updated. Turns out this version does not work on my firmware. When I clicked on the icon it would go to the spicychicken screen then straight back to the home screen. A few hours later I guess they caught on that it didn't work for people...
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    iPhone Volume Booster?

    I did this hack a while ago and it definitely increases the volume all around. Currently on 1.0.2.
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    Text messages - There for all to see

    I happen to like this feature. It's sorta like SMS CALLER ID, lol. I can look to see if I want to text this person back or wait till lata.
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    Did the CPU speed go up in 1.1.2?

    1.0.2 400 100 Speedtest at 170K on Edge
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    AT&T Drops Data Plan (and Edge) Upon Request

    Me personally, I need access to the internet at all times and can't be bothered trying to find a hot spot. On the other hand this might be good for some folks so cheers to AT & T.
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    Member Mugs! Post your pic!

    Here's me at this year's NMRA mustang event @ Atco Raceway. My club was hosting the car show event this year.
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    1.1.2 Who has it now!

    I'm still on 1.0.2. Waiting for iBrickr update to handle the new firmware before I switch over. I could always use SSH but iBrickr is so much easier.
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    do you EVER turn off your iPhone?

    Only when it acts up on me.
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    Ringtones - Do you use them?

    I responded in a thread similar to this. I need my ringers loud. I have the "annoying" ringtone. I drive a UPS truck all day and my truck is a turbo diesel. For those that know, diesels are loud as hell and I need something loud enough so I can hear over the engine. Custom ringtones have always...
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    Does iPhone have one or two speakers?

    I have to matter how many times noobs ask this question everyone always responds pleasantly and there is no bashing saying to use the search button. This is the reason y I love this site so much and will be here forever. I have learned so much from everyone here and just wanted to...
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    Download programs

    Limewire user here.
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    problem "hid my launcher

    Open up rsbt and tap launcher. 3 lines will appear on the right side of it. Hold down these 3 lines and scroll up to another area that is out of "hidden". Done.
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    Edge connection and data charges

    The bars and "E" are always on when u are on the internet. The "E" is not only for internet usage but also cell usage. There is a way to turn off Edge via 3rd party app from Chris Hoffman which means modding your iPhone but I don't think that is something u want to do at the moment.
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    Xbox 360 charging the iPhone

    I just charge my iPhone on the dock near my computer. My 360 gets hot enough from playing Halo 3, lol.