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  • Sorry I haven't replied, my teachers always feel it's best to load up before thanksgiving break, haha.

    Anyways, it's interesting to hear about your new principle. I've never actually thought of how teachers react to new administration, and while it's not surprising that some try to manipulate the situation, it is refreshing to hear that you don't do so. As a senior, I do get to see a lot of the BS game that goes around (aka college applications, but there really is so much more).
    It's good to hear that your daughter has been to colleges already, she's more prepared than I was during my junior year. Sheesh, that's amazing haha. She'll be set for senior year! By the way, a lot of my friends happen to be interested in the same schools your daughter has been looking at.
    I myself am focusing locally, but I am not ruling out any out of state schools. Mainly I plan on going to University of Maryland: College Park, and I do hope I get in. With the safety schools out of the equation, I'm looking at Hopkins, Indiana State (mainly b/c my dad), Purdue, Virginia Tech, UMBC (maryland, baltimore county), and some others. I'm not going to stretch my expectations too far, I realize that I could have made better decisions. Regardless, I do plan on majoring in Bioengineering, and then moving on to med school, so as I finish my major, I will plan on bigger and better. Then again, I know this is the "romantic" notion of school. I know it's going to be hard, and decisions may lead to changes, but this is my "rough schematic," if you will.
    Hmm. Not much going on in my life. Actually, the bank about a minute from our home was just robbed yesterday! I was surprised that this could happen in our little "safe-haven" of a community. Hmm. I'm going to Italy my first time this Thanksgiving break! It will be amazing, but I am so going to miss having Thanksgiving dinner with our family and friends. I'm sure being in Italy will change my mind though, haha! Besides from that, not that much I guess. I am considering jailbreaking my phone, but I'm not sure yet.
    So, what are you up to for your Thanksgiving? Family/friends?
    I'm actually thinking about
    Wow, a lot on your plate huh?
    How's the new principle/kids? Any difficulties there?
    I'm ok, but I'm getting swamped with all of this college application nonsense. NONE of my schools seem to want a common app, and it's making my life unnecessarily difficult.
    So, how's the jailbroken phone? Living live on the dangerous side, eh ;)?
    Christine, if there's one thing i missed while being away from eic, was our chats! How are you? Are your new students giving you a hard time?
    Great posting on the Island LOL Neat idea!!
    Thanks for the visitor message, kisstine. I thought I would take a break and come visit you for a moment! ;)
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