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    I dropped my iPhone!

    Dropped mine last nite for the first time. On concrete. It was in my lap in my Truck, I got out and I see my phone flying to the street. However, I had a cover. So there was NO damage. Exactly why I got the thing. So I wouldn't F. up this thing.
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    Envy breeds Hate. An iPhone love story

    I have only met one person in my friend circle that has iPhone. That means everyone else is "on the fence" so... When you go out its true the usual 50/50 approach of "WOW 600 dollar phone? NEVER!" to the admiring "Wow you got the" I am VERY conscious of positive critisicsm and...
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    How many times do you clean your screen in 1 day?

    I couch surf all day most days so my iPhone gets cleaned a lot just because I feel like looking at it. I use a cover/protector. 3 times a day MINIMUM and happy to do it.
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    Anyone really rich own an iPhone and willing to reveal themselves?

    Not rich....very comfortable lifestyle. Riddicuosly low monthly rental 1 bedroom. DJ for a living. When I bought the iPhone Day One I knew it would hurt me a bit $$$ wise for about a week or so. But then again I don't remember it hurting at fact it was quite painless
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    Has my free WiFi gone away?

    Right on....I remember being so stoked that it always connected at my home. Ive heard about it being illegal but I didn't think it applied to me. I still get edge just fine where I live. gonna miss using wifi. ahh well. Router here I come
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    Has my free WiFi gone away?

    Well arent all these McDonalds wifi hot spots ille gal also? Not that Im worried. I think the point is to be able to occasionally link up to a wifi hot spot.
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    Has my free WiFi gone away?

    I was getting free wifi at my home without the use of a router because I think a neighbor may have one that my phone is linking with. Then suddenly today. It says "Cannot connect with linksys network" I believe it is because my neighbors comp is down etc.... Any ideas? Remember I do not have a...
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    First iPhone drop not by me

    Had a dream that i dropped mine. Nothing so in reality though.
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    This place needs some serious Modding.

    I too would love to volunteer my time as a MOD. I have experience albeit from Quake forums. And iPhone bashing/truth telling or whatever it is happens to be out of control but still something that happens ad-nauseum.
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    My iPhone is my baby. anyone else?

    didn't name my iPhone either. But DEFINITELY giving it newborn treatment. It deserves it and it HAS taken over my life in the sense of the illest tech device I YOU YOUR MOM YOU GRANDMA EVER EVER BOFEVER OWNED. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: IS my precious! Name? Hmm I...
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    My iPhone is my baby. anyone else?

    Im single...yet I know for a fact I treat my iPhone like a baby. My own baby. I keep it covered to protect it from the elements soft or hard. I feed it battery juice maybe too much juice sometimes but my baby has many features and needs to be close to 100% if we go anywhere together. That way...
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    Are all iPhones getting hot?

    Hilarious! Mine can heat up a slice of pizza easily. But actually not too bad that it warms up like this. Such a sleek and slim device that when it DOES heat seems like an explosion is near but its just a part of owning this device. They all seem to heat up some less than others:laugh2:
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    Chrome piece sucks agree?

    This is the first phone i keep in a no scratches
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    Did you sell anything to buy your iPhone?

    didn't sell a thing...Thinking of selling my QFO turntable...worth $1000. But since its been a couple weeks since I got iPhone I think Im ok:laugh2:
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    Text Messaging Is Horrible!

    RobHon with the proof...niiice. Im a pc guy so no groups for me. Mass texts are a necessity for me because Im a DJ and need to do this on a weekly basis. Its just a necessary fact even though it CAN be annoying after a while it is still needed. Just like the Spice Girls...They suck but now theyre...