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    Are you AMERICAN PEOPLE really waiting for 3G?

    Actually, the US is over twice the size in comparison with Europe.
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    Contest Update

    Sounds like we have good odds then.
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    For those who haven't modified their iPhone yet...

    Just wanted to say thanks, you inspired me to to do it and it was a breeze.
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    Check Yourself

    I'm the consumer they are not after? I didn't realize there was a difference between my 600 bucks or the next guys. This is actually the first Apple product I ever purchased, I never bought into the iPod hype. Now they have a pissed off consumer that will react as irrational as he feels the need...
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    Check Yourself

    A 33% price drop in a few months is taking your most supportive group of customers and screwing them big time. I don't see how the brains at Apple thought the people getting screwed by this would just shrug their shoulders and say oh well. I hop they hurt for a long time on future products. I...
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    Hmmm... Apple drops the ball? Again?

    You do realize Apple is releasing a entirely new OS in a few months. Just wait.... I also have suspicion along with many others that you will see many iPhone updates coincide with this OS update.
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    Why not 3G? (Edge it is)

    You see that big beautiful LCD screen on your phone? It sucks a lot of battery power. You throw 3g in the mix and you essentially have a phone that can work half of the day. Not to mention in America 3G is really only offered in major cities atm.
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    My horrific experience buying an iPhone with AT&T

    This device is first and foremost a phone. If they don't have a solid network in your area, simply don't buy it. You will never be happy with a crappy network. Fortunately for me I live in a totally covered area where 90% of people have AT&T.
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    David Pogue's Book

    Hey Chris, just thought I'd let you know. In the accessories area he has this little snippet.
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    Sports Scores

    How about
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    iPhone Class Action Suit

    Lets see big clunky treo like phone with removable battery or slim iPhone with battery soldered into the hardware. You make the decision. Tony, don't buy it if you don't want it. Go buy a blackberry.
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    Will it Blend Video?

    yes, I had seen that a few weeks ago. Hurts but I watch it a few times every time. :)
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    Ah, very sorry, my misunderstanding.
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    There never was a ring tone, it was the tune used in all the iPhone commercials. Are we talking about a different sound?
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    From about 11 seconds to 33 seconds is the exact tune used in the commercial. Edit at your will and preference.