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    What do you drive or ride?

    2000 Mustang Convertible 1992 Mustang GT 2001 Kawasaki 900STI
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    What is visual voicemail?

    Good Link.
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    Where does everyone get their movies?

    Here is some info:
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    Where does everyone get their movies?

    I get them off my DVD's
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    How often should the iPhone be turned off?

    I turn mine off at night.
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    In A Perfect World...

    This was one of the best "Updates Coming" posts. You actually made me laugh. :2cool: Thanks.
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    JIVETALK for the iPhone better than other web AIMS/YIMS/MIMS

    I was able to receive calls with this running. :2cool:
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    great AIM app for iPhone

    I like this one!
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    How can I back up my contacts from my iPhone to my PC?

    Syncing Contact Information from your Computer: If you’ve set up iTunes to sync contacts, iTunes automatically keeps your contacts up to date whether you make changes on your computer or on iPhone. iTunes supports syncing with the following applications on your computer. On a Mac: Mac OS X...
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    More Failed Calls

    I have not had any failed calls, or with my previous phone on Cingular/AT&T
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    EDGE is not really bad

    That's what I use.
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    EDGE is not really bad

    I average about 125kbps Today it was 143kbps.
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    No help for PPC users?

    I feel your pain. I have Windows & a PPC Mini.
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    iPhone Volume Test

    Wow, interesting info.
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    Who is existing cingular customer and transfer the old no. to iPhone

    I have converted two of our lines and it was quick & easy. It's the ssn# of primary account holder.