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    So... does the "stretched" look still seem odd?

    Ditto what inyigo said, I picked up my wife's 4s (formerly my 4s) and thought wow this phone is short and fat!
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    Apple Orders

    They had the Lightning/USB cable in my local Verizon corporate store, same price as Apple Store...
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    Virgin mobile question?

    I thought all U.S. 4s were the same model (i.e. included both GSM and CDMA radios on all frequencies used here in the U.S.). I know this was not the case with the 4, nor is it so with the new 5. So why can't an AT&T unlocked 4s be used on the Sprint/VM CDMA network if the hardware is present?
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    Virgin mobile question?

    Could you use an AT&T unlocked 4s on Virgin Mobile?
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    Official iPhone 5 Shipped & Tracking Thread

    Me long did the first wave of pre-orders stay stuck in processing?
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    Swapping phone numbers with a new added phone/line

    Thanks all! But with all the talk of a nano-sim in the forthcoming iPhone 5, I may have no alternative but to go to AT&T for assistance. Maybe this is something they'll be able to take care of in the Apple Store (althoguh I was hoping to just be able to pre-order the next iPhone and sit home...
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    Swapping phone numbers with a new added phone/line

    When the next iPhone comes out, I plan to upgrade to a family plan, add a line and give my wife my 4s. Will I be able to swap phone numbers by simply changing out the SIM cards? AT&T is the carrier. FWIW I will also need to port her number over from another carrier, just to add an another...
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    Win Infinity Blade for iPhone and iPad

    Please count me in, or better still count me as one of the five winners... Thanks and great site!
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    AT&T vs. Verizon, does it really matter?

    Verizon has 1 gb for $20, not sure if they offer anything cheaper than that...go with the plan and service coverage that is best for you.
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    Considering Purchasing the new iPad

    I agree with Sharunda, buy what you can afford, you won't regret it. As to external storage, there is a company that markets an "external" storage device which is wither a hard drive with wifi capabitilty or with an iOS dock cable. Google it, you'll find it, I thought it was too e3xpensive...
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    Great iPad 2/3 case for $10, delivered.

    I received my invellop smart cover/hard shell back case and here are my initial impressions. Some backstory for perspective: Last year I bought a $40 folio case from Best Buy for my iPad 2, it was crap and I returned it immediately, and bought a cheap $15 folio and thought it was great. For...
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    Great iPad 2/3 case for $10, delivered.

    Well, after confirming with invellop that they have corrected the magnet/smartcover function to work with the new iPad, I ordered that case. If anyone is interested, I will share my thoughts on it once I receive it.
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    Great iPad 2/3 case for $10, delivered.

    I saw it, and the addendum regarding the magnets that hold the left side of the case to the back of the iPad. Thanks! Still wondering about those left side tabs and about the other cases though...
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    Great iPad 2/3 case for $10, delivered.

    For those of you that have picked up the MoKo case, a couple of questions: 1) How easy/hard is it for the left edge of the iPad to "pop" out of the case to use as a viewing stand? 2) What protects the left corners of the iPad from being scratched if/when you pop it out to use the viewing...
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    iPad 3 screen scrolling question

    Anybody else notice that screen scrolling is sometimes jittery or stuttering? This is not something I noticed on my iPad 2. I see it primarily in the Facebook and Twitter apps, although it appears to a very minimal extent in Safari at times. I tried rebooting the iPad to see if that improved...