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    Your 10 Most Favorite Applications

    I'm using facebook app everyday :)
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    Mac Pro MacBook Pro Retina

    cool, thanks Michael, I will think of a retina macbook pro for my next update :)
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    Bad Piggies?

    I haven't play series Angry Birds since Angry Birds Space :) It's not addictive anymore, at least at my point :)
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    Mac Pro MacBook Pro Retina

    Is it good, Michael?
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    Zynga is so damn lazy!

    I think Zynga will end soon if they keep doing like that :)
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    If you own an iPad, will you get an iPad mini?

    I would love to have 1 iPad mini, although I had an iPad 2 already :)
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    How can I record conversations on my iPhone?

    it only work in US :)
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    First app you ever downloaded?

    The first one of mine is Magic Dollar, an app guide you to make some origami with your dollar bill :D
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    What is your favourate genre on iOS?

    arcade, racing, running game, and social game