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    Best Buy: Best place to pre-order and purchase iPhone 4?

    I just pre-ordered mine at Best Buy. I have some friends who work there and they said there is a small chance that 32g whites could be available on the 24th.
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    The Official iPhone 2.0 Software Update

    Here in socal till running the old. Tried to unplug it and plug it back in to no avail.
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    iPhone Update 1.1.2 to add Voice Notes, other stuff?

    Voice notes would be killer. As a comedian i always have to carry around a voice recorder since i got my iPhone. Hopefully the memory doensn't fill up quick.
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    iPhone Dead!

    The word is "tomorrow" for reference. Just here to help.
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    How do i check how many text i have?, login to your account. There is also a number you can call that will tell you.
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    Just found another bug.

    My phone was doing that yesterday so i decided to do a hard reset. Hold the home and slee/wake button together for 8 seconds. It should work fine after that.
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    Cingular LOWERED monthly rates! By $20!

    It hasn't changed, it's just the way it shows your charges. The $20 is towards the bottom.
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    Usage counters won't work

    Same problem here...
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    How fast can you type on your iPhone?

    Nice. With many errors im averaging in the 50's.
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    Check out my Media Database Web App!

    For some reason the music and book tabs don't work for me.
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    iHome2GO Writeup

    Friggin kids. Same thing just happened to me.
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    iHome2GO Writeup

    Bought one of these puppies and it required a little modification and fortification. Step 1: Buy one. Reg $59.99 at Best Buy Step 2: Cut out small square of foam to fit iPhone. It stock space will accommodate a video iPod. The iPhone is the same width just a little longer. A very small...
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    Brightness at 50%, impact on battery life

    I just realized i've been at 50% the whole time. I changed it to 100% and it is SUPER bright.
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    Bono is on my iPhone - and yours - Permanantly!

    That is a good find.
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    The Guide to Downloading Movies and TV Episodes

    just because you created another sn doesn't mean we will fall far your bs. Chris ban this guy!