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    Has anyone changed the battery?

    Don't think about it I would suggest not even THINKING about replacing your iPhone battery by yourself (the first gen iPhone, at least). the case is too hard to open with bending - use (cheaper, and they can do it the same day) or Apple (more expensive, takes longer). Just my...
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    Could iPhone 3G have a replaceable battery?

    God i sure hope it can be opened easier than the first gen iPhone! But i bet the battery is still soldered in, a fact that limits most diy'ers.
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    Cracked Screen. Repair or buy 3G?

    repair might get cheaper I suspect that with the introduction of the 2nd Gen iPhone (aka iPhone 3G) the prices for repairing your original 1st Gen iPhone will DECREASE - check out a third party repair company like before and after the release of the new iPhone and you will...
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    Something to think about.

    i think does iPhone battery replacements, too. so you don't have just Apple as an option. i really hope the 2nd gen iPhone has better battery life and an easier way to get the back cover off when the time comes to replace THAT battery.
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    iPhone battery replacement on Canadian Apple Site!

    Apple Later, Juice Now I don't know WHEN Apple will do it, but there are companies NOW that offer iPhone replacements and you get to keep the same iPhone (not get a refurb one that Apple will give you): Hope that helps...
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    Battery life is crap all of a sudden!

    and make sure you have the latest update. I think it is way to early to assume there is a battery issue and have to get a new one from Apple or or some other third party company. I'd wait a week or so before starting to worry too much about it. My 2 cents!
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    springboard problem

    yep, restore it Agreed- this happened to me and a restore fixed it.
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    Repair needed?

    might have to look elsewhere beside Apple um, if it's hacked, you might not be able to go to Apple. try using a third party like this one (?) for your iPhone repair: i don't know if they would help you out in india but hey it's worth a try.
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    iPhone battery replacement

    Try these guys your best bet for iPhone batteries might just be - $20 for battery and $25 for installation. I used them for my ipod mini when it needed a new battery an their communication and product was second...
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    iPodjuice for replacement battery?

    Haven't needed a new iPhone battery yet, but I plan to use when the time comes. I got an ipod mini battery from them a while back and they are a great company to work with, awesome product, great prices and fast shipping. Meow! Laura
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    How do you know if your battery sucks enough to warrant an exchange?

    I'm having to charge every night too, not looking forward to that warranty running out and having to pay the $85 to get a new battery. has a less expensive and faster service up now though, with a 10 warrantied iPhone battery. :) Laura edit, well my link came out weird but it's...
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    Good Battery ONLY if you never use iPod

    Not Sure if You Have Seen This but ipodjuice is offering a iPhone battery now with a 10 year warrantee - sweet! when my husbands' iPhone dies now we know where to go (certainly not going to use Apple for this). - laura
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    Do you believe Apple was wrong to put a battery in their phone thatll die so fast

    3rd Party Companies Like this Will Step In I was worried about my iPhone battery dying before my two year AT&T contract was up until i learned that companies like are going to have kits or service to do it for you: