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    The iPhone is just a mediocre phone, albeit a pretty one.

    Agreed. We're only a couple updates away from taking its actual worth/benefit from less than 400 to 400 plus.. I still could really use a better instant messaging app and corporate email access.
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    POLL: Are you satisfied with Apple's good faith $100 Store Credit

    Thanks. Actually, the explanation/apology would've probably been enough for me. The credit is just icing. I know it's not actually costing them 100 and they'll probably make even more on follow-up purchases but Apple did not have to offer anything. Besides, I was planning on purchasing Leopard...
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    The iPhone is just a mediocre phone, albeit a pretty one.

    I mostly wanted it for the iPod because IMHO that's the only thing to write home about. My company pays for the service and I received the hardware as a gift. I doubt I would've been persuaded to fork over the dough for the device. I was tempted but there were too many negatives for me to take...
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    POLL: Are you satisfied with Apple's good faith $100 Store Credit

    Although that would serve them right I just wouldn't be able to live with myself. :laugh2: With the good faith gesture and letter Steve has proven that he is not Microsoft. Some of these people don't get that it's the principal of the matter and not the money. I haven't purchased gas from a...
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    Maybe but most probably expect that from Microsoft not Apple.
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    Jobs answers questions about iPhone pricing and other topics

    I mean.. the thing about it is it seems like Apple/ATT went out of their way to charge us the premium. We couldn't use our typical businesss discounts on hardware or services and we had to sign a 2 year contract without added incentive. All of that just to turn around and drop the price after...
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    Got my refund by being nice.

    Nice.... Sounds like the time I purchased three defective Mac Book Pros and contacted customer relations to express my concerns. Apple made good on that complaint as well.
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    POLL: Are you satisfied with Apple's good faith $100 Store Credit

    It's bitter/sweet I guess because they didn't have to do anything at all. I would've liked to see a tiered rebate based on the length of ownership. My initial purchase was approximately one month after iDay so I didn't exactly benefit from the "bragging rights" that some speak of. Additionally...
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    Poll: Should the Naysayers Cash The $100 Credit

    Let's be realistic here, even at 399 the iPhone is profitable for Apple. I truly believe they could've extended the 399 price point from the beginning. That said, it was not solely the money that bothered me (I received mine as a B-Day gift) but rather the principle. I simply hate it when...
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    What are you going to do with your $100 credit?

    count me in for the new Mac OS as well :laugh2:
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    Well.. A buddy of mine contacted three different Apple Stores and received three different answers. The first Manhattan Village "Inside of 14 days, No exceptions contact customer relations" The second Santa Monica (3rd Street Promenade) " 30 days or less 200 refund" The third The Grove (LA)...
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    Well.. When I say customers, I'm speaking of the Apple loyalists not techies looking for a cool device or mom and dad looking for a cool Christmas gift. I'm talking the guys/gals that were in line on iDay. The same group that purchases a Mac Book Pro on release day to have it crash whenever you...
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    Check Yourself

    Nice post. I'm tired of reading these posts comparing Apples to oranges. This is in no way like gas or cars. Besides, gas stations don't offer you two of the ninety one octane that you paid for until you sign a 2 year agreement with another company to unlock the rest. I wonder if any of these...
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    Well, those of you that can accept it or expected it (so it's cool), more power to you but I'm a Technical Support Manager for one of Apple's channel partners and we try not to run our businesss this way. You all can do what you want but I plan on contacting Apple Customer Relations as soon as...
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    POLL: Would you have waited if you knew the price would drop $200

    It's not a point of whether the phone is/was affordable at 599. The principle of the matter is the problem for me. I think Apple was asking too much to start and adding the facts that it is exclusive to ATT and you have to sign a 2 year service agreement makes matters worse. I keep seeing people...