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    Is your charger adapter original?

    Yes, original for my iPhone 6S. take it with me in my backpack always!
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    Mac apps 2014

    Mine is: Google Chrome VLC Quicktime YouTube Cleanmy Mac Microsoft OneNote 1Password Folder Color iPhoto Pages Contacts Manager Boom
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    App for Word Processing on iPad

    Why not just use the Microsoft word? Now it is free available for iPad.
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    Video can't be synced to iphone

    +1 handbrake to converting again, and select the output as H.264 mp4.
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    iPad dubbing movie

    Yeah, I believe the problem is the digital copy. Well, what media player you used to play the Spider-Man 2 on your computer? Is it available for the iPad? If not, I suppose you may need to do converting the digital copy with converters again.
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    PDF to ePub convertor

    The File Converter is OK, if your PDF files are under 100MB. But if your PDF files are larger than 100MB, I think maybe you'll need a PDF Converter like this.
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    Will you pay full retail price or subsidized for the iPhone 6?

    I would like to paying full retail for the iPhone 6, if I decided to get the iPhone 6!
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    How to show just videos in iPhoto

    Really helpful tip for me, as sometimes I forgot where I put the videos at. Thanks sharing.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    Didn't have picture. A full bowl of noodles this morning!
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    Is it possible to name pictures in Photos app?

    Wow, seems that good, just rename photos in Documents 5, and totally free. But I also got a app named Photo-Resizer that can batch rename my Photos too.
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    What did you Cook today?

    Today: corn soup Very delicious. I like kinds of soup.
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    Back to work

    Back to work
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    Will you upgrade to iPad 5/iPad Mini 2?

    Just waiting for the new iPad, will consider to buy an iPad mini(compared the 1 and 2 then decide). Hope the new iPad mini will get with retina display and better processor. :rolleyes:
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    vimeo downloader

    Hmm, you want to download the videos on iOS? how about do the work on Mac? found this video downloader on Mac app store, which stated can download Vimeo videos:
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    2013 iPad Event October 22nd

    Cool, just considering to buy an iPad mini, if the iPad mini will get with retina display will great! Wait!