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    Apple quietly handling iPhone touchscreen issues?

    iPhone screen problems may worsen The Inquirer published new article today about this issue. It appears that the problem may get worse with time:
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    Apple quietly handling iPhone touchscreen issues?

    FYI: It doesn't appear to be particularly widespread, but according to a couple threads on Apple's support forums and elsewhere, a small number of iPhones are suddenly getting "dead spots" on their touchscreens ... Link...
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    Apple faces mounting complaints on iPhone battery

    New York officials submit letter to CEO Steve Jobs suggesting changes to Apple's policies and fees -
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    Rumor: Apple cuts iPhone production

    It is today's rumor This rumor was spread just today. Apple stock is down 5% for the day right now.
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    Rumor: Apple cuts iPhone production

    Quote: "Today the thing slamming the stock (chart left) is an unconfirmed rumor that the company is cutting back iPhone production "from 9 million units to 4.5 million units," according to a note from trading firm Miller Tabak & Co." Link...
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    Will Apple/iPhone meet their 2008 sales target?

    Tough Task That might not be the case as the Mac fans virtually do not exist outside USA. People did learn about Apple lately thanks to iPods though. Given Apple's lack of success in courting entrprise users in the past and the time frame (1 year) this is simply impossible. Two mistakes...
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    Getting an iPhone soon - what extras do I need?

    Do not forget to buy a Hearing Aid for the speaker volume is too low :smile:
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    No custom ringtones actually might be a good thing for me

    Think Do not you think you should use this experience to analyze other aspects of your life? :smile:
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    Recessed headphone jack was absolutely necessary

    Those complaining about the jack... just do not know a thing about Apple. In computer world “Apple” is synonym to “proprietary”. It would not be an Apple jack if it was universal. Besides if it was not recessed people might start thinking about using non-Apple headphones (lost profits). It is...
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    Who DOESN'T Want to Mod their iPhone?

    Not really No I do not feel that way. I understand when people do not want to customize because all they care is functionality. But the point of your post seems to be that Apple design is so perfect that it can not be "improved". Come on! It is just a picture (a nice one but still). Plenty of...
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    Alternative to iPhone

    There is plenty phones to choose from Just look at this web site: You will find all kinds of devices with screens small and big, all types of processors etc.
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    iPhone didn't give me an End Call button

    You can always use... reset to hang up the phone :smile:
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    What is so bad about this unrecessed jack design? (photoshop image)

    Let's create iPolice and we will rid first this forum and then entire mass media of those who do not adhere to Apple religion. :foot:
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    WiFi is not the only problem It is true that Apple laptops also run Safari, however the article states: "According to a paper posted by the three (download PDF), they rooted out a vulnerability in the iPhone's version of Safari using "fuzzing" tools and wrote a proof-of-concept exploit that...
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    It's hard to tell But Apple is under pressure to deliver a fix for this problem and if there are any other updates ready they might as well release them. So, in a way, it is a good news.:smile: