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    T-Mobile iPhone 3G 2.1 Firmware

    just enter for the apn. No need to install tweaks in cydia.
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    found an iPhone 3G

    I Lost my iPhone 3G in the parking lot. I tried calling it and left a message and text, called back in 2 min and someone turned it off. It was a matter of 10 min and it was gone. I only had the 3G for 2 weeks. Luckily I had not sold my 2G yet so I still have that but I am so upset. I hope...
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    How many of you have tried to write your own app?

    I am trying to develop an app that has a picture of the contact and dials the number with 1 touch but I have not had much luck. SDK is way over my head still.
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    MacBook Pro Best Bluetooth mouse

    I use Apple's bluetooth might mouse and the mini keyboard like the picture above. My MacBook Pro is hooked up to a 37" LCD.
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    MacBook Pro Firefox 3

    I wish firefox would incorporate webclips. I love the features of both browsers but firefox 3 is very nice. I use both every now and then but have been hooked on firefox since my PC days.
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    5 Icon Dock....where?

    you can also use this easy guide:
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    Switching iPhone from PC to Mac

    What about your music. Will that transfer over and be authorized on the mac? I am getting a new macbook pro too!
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    EASY WAY to have NEW SMStone for 1.1.1

    yes it works for 1.1.2 also. I have also added a good tone to my installer source if you want to try it. Open installer, and tap Sources, Edit and Add. Type in and Ok then Done. Now tap on Install at the bottom and scroll down to the Sounds category...
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    Customize 1.13 and user made carrier logos.

    you can try following this guide to fix it.
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    Rintones on 1.1.1 help

    sendsong 19e is on installer now for 1.1.1 iPhones Use sendsong .09 if you have 1.02 Use sendsong .19e if you have 1.1.1
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    How to get 5.99 t-mobile t-zoNES to work on my iPhone!

    try going to forget network or settings--general--reset--reset network settings
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    How to get 5.99 t-mobile t-zoNES to work on my iPhone!

    there is a guide here:
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    help with SMS sounds

    Use iBrickr for windows
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    Restore after unlocking with AnySIM 1.1

    There is no need to downgrade 1.1.1 to 1.02 just jailbreak your 1.1.1 and run anysim 1.1