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    Crashing apps

    Can anyone tell me why after after updating my iPad 1 to 5.1.1 ,that some of the apps go for a few mins and then crash. They worked fine until I did the update. Sent using iCafe app
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    Email alerts!

    Thanks for that I'll give it a go
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    Email alerts!

    Does anyone know how I can get different email alerts?. Something different from what the IPad comes with.
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    Want to buy wireless keypad for iPad, any suggestion?

    The Apple wireless keyboard is fantastic. So compact and fits in most of the IPad travel bags along with the iPad.
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    Please recommend Bluetooth headphones that work with iPhone

    I'm looking at getting Bluetooth Headphones for my IPad. Any recommendations?
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    Using iPad overseas

    Traveling from Australia to say Europe or US are there many problems using IPad. I have a 64g 3G model? Do I have to get International roaming like you do with the phone? And does that cover email?
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    Thanks David. The sound is like it's coming from underwater. Is that normal?
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    Thanks for that maybe Steve knows does know best!
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    That's a shame maybe one day!
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    Will we ever get 'Flash' or something like it for IPad? There are a lot of sites that use it.Not real keen on jail breaking .
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    Landscape or Portrait

    I tend to use landscape most of the time, it's more like looking at a TV screen.
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    Audio in email attachments

    Thanks IP5 You are probably right but it's a shame that you have to go to your PC every time. Never mind that's another one of IPads little quirks.Even with that I still love it.
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    Audio in email attachments

    Is there a way to hear the audio in email attachments .I get the pictures but,no audio.Have to resort to going to PC to get the full email with audio. Have had several emails such as photos which have music in the background.Any ideas?