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    Mac 1.1.3 Jailbreak released.

    Is there a walk through for downgrading 1.1.3?
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    Apple owes for my purchase of 2 iPhones. If this site didn't keep me interested since the Key Note Id probably have caved in and purchased a different phone instead of holding out.
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    Any letters from Apple's Lawyers Yet?

    Wozniak loves the iPhone. He uses the Razr for bluetooth and voice dial features, Pearl for mail and his iPhone for net browsing.
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    It worked, awesome
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    I downloaded Summerboard 3.0a11 through Installer v3.0before. How do I get it from (inactive) to (active)?
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    PC to Mac Help Please?

    I fixed it but thanks
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    PC to Mac Help Please?

    My iPhone was previously synced to a Windows PC the I recently purchased a Macbook. I synced my contacts and photos from my windows iPhone to the macbook fine. I used an external HD to transfer my media files to the Mac the loaded them to iTunes. I restored the iPhone with the MacBook but...
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    iPhone Unlock legality

    I agree. Sue!
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    iPhone Unlock legality

    enough talking, someone leap! Until someone attempts a class action lawsuit this talking is useless.
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    Alright, I am SO SICK of Apple...

    It's just too bad Apple didn't create an avenue for us modders to be able to enjoy the store so we will have to create one.
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    Requiem for a 3rd Party iPhone App

    Uh it is his job to do so
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    Speakerphone after 1.1.1 update

    there should have been an option "haven't updated yet but voted anyways to see the poll results to determine if the update is worth losing my cool mods" or something like that. Sorry to mess up your poll with my "Has not changed" vote but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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    Did you update? a poll for all modders

    I hold out until Jailbreak is updated or an update includes flash and cut/paste
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    Playing chess live online via iPhone?

    There are two chess sites formated for iPhone but none are live as of yet. is by far the better of the two