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    Yahoo push e-mail problem

    It's funny... I went yesterday to the Apple store to talk to a "Genius" about this "push" issues and he told me that the problem was Yahoo, and that they (Yahoo) are working on the "bugs" to fix this issue. Hopefully somebody does something, this problem is ANOYING
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    Refurbished iPhones = series 7?

    I wonder if those refurbished phones are series 7. I understand a lot of people took their iPhone back to the store because the brightness problems, so a lot of those series 7 screen were taken back to the stores, and functionally nothing was wrong with them, and I bet Apple is reselling them...
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    Does Yahoo mail sync sent and deleted messages?

    I’m considering buying an iPhone. And I have a couple of questions: When you use Yahoo mail on your iPhone; Does the phone sync with Yahoo as far as sent and erased messages? In other words, when you sent a message from your iPhone, do you see the sent message on your PC? And vice versa? As...