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    AIM from the developer of AIM

    Sweet thanks for the info
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    How do you turn up the iPhone volume?

    yeah it will be sweet it they did an update that fixed the volume... it really needs it... in noisy places you cant hear it what so ever... and i don't always want to have a bluetooth headset in my ear while eating dinner somewhere
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    Help! Dropped my iPhone in the toilet

    i was just thinking the other day while taking a piss, "i bet it wont be long till someone drops their phone in the toilet" well at least you can say you where one of the first
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    I have great news!

    aaah get out of verizon! That will fix your problem
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    Can the phone "develop" dead pixels?

    same here not Apple stores... i wish they didn't charge $30... you would think they would give you a loaner phone since we have a one year warranty
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    Can the phone "develop" dead pixels?

    yeah im sending mine in... im on the phone with Apple right now
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    Hard time hearing callers on iPhone

    yeah it does seem to be pretty faint on my phone
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    Can the phone "develop" dead pixels?

    so all you told them was that you have a dead pixel and they just said they would fix it for 30 and give you a replacement till its fix? i wonder if you can try to convince them not to charge you since you got the phone like that. it has a one year warranty
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    Can the phone "develop" dead pixels?

    So they let you do this for just one dead pixel? I have one right about he safari button... and one that you can hardly see on the top left corner. so just 30 bucks? and the phone is overnighted? will everything on your phone be lost? will all the contacts work since you put in your sim...
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    Whos using Yahoo mail?

    every time i do that it tells me my username and password is incorrect
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    Whos using Yahoo mail?

    i think it may have to do with the verify thing you gotta do when you send a email using yahoo through your browser on your computer
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    iPhones SIM card in other phones?

    well that sucks, because im getting into collecting cell phones, i know this sounds odd, but i would like to be able to do this without opening a new line
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    iPhones SIM card in other phones?

    i was just wondering... say i got a unlocked blackberry... would the iPhones sim chip work for the phone? would i be able to use all the features like web browser and email or will it not work since the iPhone uses a different data plan?
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    Whos using Yahoo mail?

    well its my yahoo account that is having problems