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    Does iPhone unlock work with Nextel?

    This is just not so....their are other carriers like SunCom and believe me with the unlimited plan for only 49.99 a month it makes the iPhone all the better!
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    ( For FREE )iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed!

    Its ON! Simple tutorial for Sim Unlock
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    Now that they have the 4gb on sale no need to wait till January! The iPhone is bad A$$ and if you liike being organized you need this phone. I was without it for the weekend and was super un organized....loves it! Price points are good enough to buy one now and later:2cool:
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    What the hell?

    If you have a male friend or relative close by just have them answer the phone in a deep HELLO when answering - when it looks to be the "stalker" as we shall call him. This should detour him from calling back blatenly, like it seems he is doing. Good Luck!
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    iPhone unlock to go on sale this monday

    Sim Unlock Should Be Freeeeeee! The sim unlock should and will be free. The hackintosh community is working very dilegently on this. Alot of us cannot wait to free this phone from At&t's clutches. Not only for international travel but also to be able to pick your carrier and the plan that...
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    iPhone 4 GB

    Whats everyones thoughts on the discontinued 4 GB iPhone? Still good? Worth Buying? Just wait and get a larger GB on next release? Decisions Decisions...
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    Smellin Like Rose's

    I broke the cotract but the money I saved heading back to the carrier I was on is huge. Plus their will be a software hack for the sim unlock very shortly by the Dev team for free. So I can use the iPhone with any carrier Im back on. Thats the only reason to recoupe my $$ now and buy later.
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    After disconnect I cannot get iPhone to connect to my Bluetooth again

    Should but doesn't their is still some manual pairing you have to do if at any time it disconnects. Also when you do connect it , it shows that it is paired with the bluetooth icon glowing blue on the phone but you still have to manually select iPhone headset from the list of three audio choices...
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    Smellin Like Rose's

    Their has always been exceptions for Amex's valued Business Account holders. It does not matter phone or not this is not a being handled on their refund/exchange program that was actually canceled October of 2006. Anyway, Im on the iPhone fence till after January (4gb will do till) then we...
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    Ok Seriously...

    Would you like to know what they were thinking.... Its marketing and R&D. We, the USA, were the beta market for this new device. We actually paid Apple a $200 price on each unit sold for them to do their R&D and come up with realistic pricing points for the rest of the globe. Not a bad way to...
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    Ok Seriously...

    Have the last laugh! Voice your opinon and don't stop. If you listen to some of the people on here you would forgo all of your rights! Stand up and be heared. I called Amex and got the $200 process started back. Apple / At&t will have to answer to someone!
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    Smellin Like Rose's

    I just sold my iPhone and Apple headset for $500 bucks. Then called Amex where I bought my iPhone from to receive my $200. Ahh the joy of Money working for me. Thank You Amex and Thank you Apple for making my next iPhone so much more affordable. P.S. Apple Bluetooth Headset is an...
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    Because you can't afford another one!:gasp:
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    The Avatar Thread

    Not sure if this is what you ment but here goes.
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    The Avatar Thread

    Close as I could get.