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    iPhone apps vs Blackberry (Curve) apps

    I have been "researching" the news and blogs to evaluate the Blackberry vs iPhone debate. Am I a serious email abuser or Web user; a visual person or text-does-fine person? As I use my Blackberry more often for SMS and Web searches, am a visual individual! and since I don't own a bakery where...
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    iPhone apps vs Blackberry (Curve) apps

    Seriously considering the purchase of the latest and greatest iPhone (2) with 3G and rumored GPS installed. Currently have the Curve. "Progressed" from the Treo to the Curve and maybe iPhone 2. Looking for ease of use, functionality, industry related apps that are not bloat-ware or...
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    More on iSync

    What about the possibility of syncing with Missing Sync and the Mac? There are more feature rich apps other then Apple's calendar program for example...
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    Future 3G capabilities of iPhone

    Edge vs 3G How much time would there be between the 1st iPhone and the 2nd edition with new & better features. That's what I would want to know. Why be in a 2 year contract and find that a new & improved version for less money is avaiable!
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    Pre-Order Information

    Wait & See for the first "edition" Will be quite interesting to see the real thing in action. I too would wait, especially if there is a chance of the price coming down some. Also, what if the first "edition" has features lacking, then you are stuck with a device for 2 years! With all that...