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    if you don't mind may i check your account out? i am looking for certain items on accounts that haven't been played for for long time. if its something i looking for i can offer money.
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    how long ago did you play it?
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    Anyone ever played this game?
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    Will this work?

    the way i see it is if its a Apple product and it has the same plugin or connector then i don't see why it wont work. ive bought many things for just anything in general saying that it wont work for it and i used it anyways.
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    What happened to all the old v1 phones?

    yeah the marketplace is shut down. i just posted in the iPhone 3g saying that i would pay someone 200$ for there old v1 so they can buy a new one and i had 3 people pm me. i didn't really care if i got banned or anything. i know i was abusing the rules but hey they need to reopen the marketplace...
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    Why does 3G not allow access to Internet?

    3g is the speed. its faster then just normal edge. you should be able to access the internet probbly wherever you are at. edge will kick in if 3g isn't available.
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    What happened to all the old v1 phones?

    best bet would be to post on here. i picked up a mint 4gb with 1 year Apple care plan for 200$. thats a deal. probbly get a 16gb for bout 300 - 350.
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    Will this work?

    yeah pretty sure that will work.
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    When will 3G be jailbroken? Let's bet!

    hey i love my blackjack. i love the keyboard. my phone is slow though. could be because i haven't deleted my text messages for like a month. but is the iPhone 3g REALLY unlocked right now?
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    A smartphone user's experience with the 3G iPhone

    wow write a book. dam big review
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    200$ for iPhone 4gb

    does anyone know where i can get a iPhone v1 for 200$? ive checked ebay and craigslist and they all want roughly 300$. i only need 4gb. i had the first iPhone day after it came out and sold it like 2 months after. im freakin out right now because i want one badly. so anyone know where i can get...
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    sell iPhone v1 for 200$

    anyone know where i can get a good working iPhone v1 4gb 8gb or hell 16gb for 200$? would fund the new iPhone 3g for you. i want the v1 because im t mobile
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    buying iPhone 3G

    my friend is up getting a iPhone 3g for him. would there be anyway he could buy me one for the same 200$ price?
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    any SIM cannot unlock this phone

    yes i have 1.1.1 and have never unlocked or tried to until i updated to 1.1.1. i went to and got the appsnapp and the installer icon on my iPhone. then got bsd and ssh. then i ran anysim and it says cannot unlock this iPhone.
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    any SIM cannot unlock this phone

    ok what was the point of that thread.