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    Kudos to you for your accurate assessment, and well written post! I agree with every point you made. As someone who uses both on a daily basis, I know that you will enjoy your new PC. Whatever the so called "Superiority of Mac over PC" is a thing of the Past, not as they advertise on TV...
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    New Business iPhone in 2008

    And I will do the same for you (the benefit of the doubt). I was simply responding to your rather harsh labeling of the people at AT&T. I would not have been as strong, had you not. Your apparent attacks continue when you say to me and I quote directly from your post: "Dude - What the hell is...
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    True...... I could not agree more. Rumpelgeist....hmmmm the best NEW word of the day! Priceless......:2cool: My Username.... maclaptopuser....totally unimaginative..... just quick and done.
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    I agree with you. Well Said! This is a great site in my opinion, and an asset to Apple. I do not waste my time on other sites, as this is well run, well organized, and THE place to be for iPhone info. Thanks to everyone who has anything to do with creating and maintaining this site!
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    What happens if I cancel my AT&T account?

    You are 100% correct. All any AT&T subscriber needs to do is read your contract carefuly and you will find it's clearly stated there. You entered into a legal binding contract. Period. Next time read the contract first, before you sign and you will avoid any surprises. You will know where you...
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    My work is blocking this site!

    Precisely! It does indeed take a couple of days for everything to get sorted out and up and running smoothly. Patience is priceless at this point. After all it will not be long and everything will be fine.
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    Completely and utterly screwed. PLEASE HELP ME. This is serious.

    I agree, your advice is ideal. This is too expensive of a device to be careless with.
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    New Business iPhone in 2008

    Please provide a source to backup your claim. Proof is everything. Speculation is just like assuming and you know what they say about the word assume..... or perhaps you do not? Is this BS or Fact? Provide the Proof, and save _your_ credibility. Another way to express it so that you...
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    I'm with you, Apple has made some moves over the last few years that are specifically designed to benefit themselves at the cost of the consumer. I don't care if I get flamed for this post or not. The bottom line is GREED. EGO. ARROGANCE. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, THE FLOW OUT OF YOUR WALLET...
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    Did you sign a contract when you picked up your iPhone?

    It's the same as with any other new cell phone sold by AT&T. You must sign a contract. There is no other way. (That's legal anyway). If you do not sign the contract at the store when paying for the phone, you leave the store without a phone.
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    AT&T Early Cancellation Fee

    Your judgmental, emotional outburst reveals a lot about you.... it's not the person your attacking with the condolences regarding your childish behavior. I wish you well in your quest to grow up.
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    Leopards' Blue Screen of Death > Vista

    You have a good memory, as yes my first MBP which overheated, warped and had more faults that I care to recall, is long gone >>No reason to keep it in the corner.<< Oh, that was just my dry British wit, I'm far to much of a Mac lover to leave it in the corner with it's Dunce Cap on for...
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    AT&T Customer Service

    You are just beginning to experience what a great company AT&T is. They have the best of everything, which is probably why I'm the first person in two days to comment on your post. When you're number one (like AT&T) lots of people like to hate you. This site has a lot of AT&T haters, as it's...
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    Leopards' Blue Screen of Death > Vista

    I think you simply missed: 1) This in my prior post: >>No worries I will get it sorted out<< 2) My dry British wit....:smile:
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    Noticed something cool

    I also noticed something cool When upgrading my 1 month old MacBook Pro it died via the Blue Screen of Death ( I was stupid enough to think that only happened with PC's) But the cool thing is my iPhone still works!