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    3G has terrible signal

    1-2 bars or none in most places :( SF Bay Area (Silicon Valley) I'm in the SF Bay Area, 1-2 bars or none in the house although it works. or it will drop down to Edge. However, I tested it by driving down the road a bit and got full signal, then I drove two stop signs up the street and the...
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    EDGE down for anyone else?

    on my way to work this morning at 7:15am pst, Edge was not working then.
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    Google at Macworld today

    I have been to my share of Macworlds. I have to admit that the Google area was or is the best. it was packed. What is really cool is the 1800 Google 411 you can call it all day for free Information then at the end you can say map it. You will receive an sms with the number and link as well as...
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    What job do you do?

    Wintel and Apple Mac support tech and systems administrator. I support 250+ users as well as servers, i.e. email , calendar, file servers. I directly support the CEO, CFO, and other Execs. This is kind of like the ol' dot com day's I can even wear shorts to work and often do, (except the labs) I...
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    Anyone having any luck with Yahoo "push"?

    No problems with Yahoo mail (push) I have no issues with Yahoo mail and the Yahoo push works flawlessly.
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    iToner for 1.1.1 AVAILABLE

    emailed Ambrosia iToner support - Now working I emailed Ambrosia Support the other day, I received a prompt reply. The reply stated that I should try to sync 5 or more ringtones at a time. I did, including the one ringtone I really wanted. All mp3's and all worked normally. I then removed the...
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    iToner for 1.1.1 AVAILABLE

    Anyone got this to work? Has anyone heard back from Ambrosia?
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    iToner for 1.1.1 AVAILABLE

    Still not working I will try several ringtones instead of just the one. Like another poster wrote, sync more than one ringtone at the time. That seems odd since I was able to sync one ringtone with the previous version of of the software pre 1.1.1. Like I wrote before, I reset my iPhone...
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    iToner for 1.1.1 AVAILABLE

    Update: NOT WORKING I installed the update and even tried to install it on several new Mac systems, all running 10.4.10. No luck, it would display the name in my sounds list but no sound when selected... Anyone else having any luck? I even restored my iPhone just in case, I tried it again...
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    Any news from Ambrosia re. iToner?

    Not sure but the clock is ticking... I'm not sure what is taking so long, and they should make the beta available to everyone that purchased the software. Or that would want to try it. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure theyt are working on a solution, it would be better...
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    UPDATE 1.1.1 IS OUT! 152.3 MB's I checked at 10:00am PST and there was no update at that time. I checked again at 11:00am, then iTunes had a pop up dialog box that said update 1.1.1 is available. Let's hope that something good is inside, should be at 152.3 MB's.
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    New Version of iPhone coming next year

    I just don't know It is really difficult to read some of this and hope it is all true. Steve is on record that there will be NO 3G in this or any other iPhone. He thinks that it will drain to much power from the battery. I have read lately that also mentioned that 3G is in limited areas. He is...
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    Tharmsen, in a previous post you quoted... "Oh please. The "Apple screwed me" people are giving us a bad name. You'll notice the Apple "brethren" are sticking by Apple because we know their recent moves were made to strengthen Apples market share and that their actions were precedented. In...
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    Not True... Unhappy? Nah... What I am unhappy with is the fact that some people on here are being bullied. Constructive criticism and conversation went out the window along time ago. I just keep seeing you guys complain about the whiners, frankly I’m done with this subject. See... I got my...
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    It was kind of funny at first, I can almost hear the defence arguments from some of the posters as I type this. I am not going to flame or bash anyone else, just I know that I have a right and not to be critisized for having a say on something, whethere it's lame, stupid or not. Like I said...