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    iPhone 4S Picture Thread

    First post here in a LONG time. I'm going to try to be more active in the forums now that I finally have the 4S. My 3GS was getting old.
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    Feature I just Discovered

    If you are listening to music or anything on YouTube and hit the home button it stops. But after you leave YouTube, double tap the home button swipe to the left and hit the play button and it will continue playing the audio. I never knew you could do this and thought it wasn't possible...
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    iOS4 Lock Screen Feature

    They could easily keep the home screen portrait even in a landscape lock. I wouldn't even care if the home screen didn't roate as long as I can have landscape lock.
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    iOS4 really worth it on my 3GS?

    I say go for it and update. It is so much better than 3.X and I think the phone is faster.
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    Frozen Safari browser

    Doing a hard reset helps problems like that. To do this hold down the home button and the sleep/wake button until the Apple logo appears. Btw. Hard resetting doesn't reset anything and your phone is exactly the same but your iPhone is fixed.
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    What do you find better about the 3GS then the 3G?

    I would stick with 3GS the 3G is so old now compared to the even newer iPhone 4. They will be more than happy with a 3GS.
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    Just a Thought to Chew On?

    The interface is pretty bad. I think it aims toward the younger visually impaired. There is an accessibility feature in iOS 4 for iPhone, but unfortunately it only works for contacts, mail, messages, and notes. So when iOS 4 is released for iPad it won't help in iBooks but it should help in...
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    Just a Thought to Chew On?

    There is an accessibility feature called zoom that you can enable in settings to zoom in super far throughout the whole OS. More info on accessibility here:
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    When will Game Center be released?

    I do think it is weird that they advertised game center with ios 4 but didn't include it when they released it. Whatever Apple. I guess there is nothing I can do.
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    When will Game Center be released?

    It will no be released till later this year in another update. They havnt given a specific date i would guess they will release it for iPhone when iOS 4 is released for iPad.
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    Just a Thought to Chew On?

    She could set it up in her lap if she is lying in bed. This could work to put on a coffee table: OR You might be able to think of...
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    Wi-Fi Dropouts?

    I have random dropouts with my iPad and I have to type in my password several times to connect and it gets really annoying hopefully it is a software issue and an update will fix it.
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    Finally Got My Camera Kit Delivered

    I think that is stupid of them to not have a accessory compatible with a device that is coming out two months after the accessory is available. RIP OFF!
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    I hate mobile sites!

    Well that sucks I can't believe that. I guess I will have to stick to my ABC shows on my iPad.
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    I hate mobile sites!

    I hate mobile sites on the iPad they look like crap. I was wondering if there is any way to view the full site not the mobile site on NBC they have no option to go to the full site. I hate when sites do this. Is there any work around. Also I am disappointed that NBC hasn't made an app like ABC...