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    Does dying scare you?

    don't say that long as we're healthy, we're still useful!
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    What shows are you watching?

    Breaking Bad, just pick up the last season. The good wife, 6 seasons and I'm still watching, really like this TV show.
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    Anyone here like Detachment?I really love this movie...
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    Does dying scare you?

    Not if I died naturally...But I'm more scared of being old and useless...
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    Couple cases ordered

    Oh I love this purple sosososo much..
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    Let's post some fun stuff here

    OMG.Is this real?
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    Clipping a still photo from a video

    Pause the video on the spot where you want to clip a photo, and use screen shot to get the photo.It's a very simple way.
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    How to back-up my contacts without using iTunes?

    Yeah just use iCloud.iCloud is the easiest way to manage your iPhone contents.
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    Getting new iPhone how to transfer photos to new one and contacts

    Very easy and specific solution, and works for iPhone 5 as well.
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    Are you getting the 5S, or waiting for the 6?

    It's not rational if I replace my iPhone each time Apple launch a new generation, so just wait and see what iPhone 6 will be.
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    How cute is this?

    I suddenly have the urge for Peking. ------ hah, you're lovely
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    Low cost iPhones

    I don't know much about phone expertise, but as a customer I always believe you get what you pay for. The lower cost, the less quality.Maybe.
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    How cute is this?

    So cute:)
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    I accidentally deleted my iPhones YouTube app how can I get it back

    Yeah I used to do that a lot.When I encountered a urgent problem I probably would just drop my question and see what happen.
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    iPhone 4S Picture Thread

    The yellow flower is so beautiful, now I wanna do some planting:)