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  • lol The cars are truely amazing, they are just very hard to drive. The clutch alone, is like leg pressing seriously!!. Im quite happy with driver aids, and safety stuff in my 07 Camry any day over them. He loves the cars, and is so ocd about keeping them in top running condition. I don't sneak a drive, but my mom has been known to LOL. Have you been in a Lotus Exige or driven one on a track day? That car is SUCH A THRILL!!! Such modest horsepower but it weights next to nothing, and its just such a blast!.
    My dad has two Porsche 911 Turbo (930 type). They both predate most driver aids, and they both predate my birth lol. One is meticulously maintained for Sunday drives. The other is a track rapist. I refuse to drive either car. The famous throw back into the chair acceleration and the turbo lag all make the car scary. Its exhilarating though and if you don't follow the slow in fast out... you die. The best part of the car is watching it at night, while racing and when the manifolds turn bright orange/red. Amazing. This isn't our cars, its just to show how amazing the manifolds change colour.
    NICE review/experience of the 996 GT3. One of my fav cars, especially in Lime green, or Red. Was it a standard gt3? or an RS lol (sorry just happened to stumble across your blog). My family owns many Porsches.
    I had create a new thread because it is a new version of the application and it will generate confusion which code to take, as the codes from the previous versions do not work on the new one. Now, the announcement will be dead, as nobody will read an old thread. thanks.
    I am unable to post replies to the Game Code forum. Please let me know what I must do to be able to post.
    If Jailbreaking allows you to download any application for free, why hasn't everyone jailbroken? $20 applications would be free. Everything :S
    Hi, remember that thread title I asked you to change? Well, I started that thread 7 days ago and it already has over 9,000 views lol
    ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ Merry Christmas ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪
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