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    Anyone else see how pointless "Slide to Unlock" is?

    I don't know. I believe it is entirely necessary or else you would end up with too much randomness. You can choose how long it takes before your screen shuts down and locks, so if you find it happening too often, choose a longer time out.
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    EBook applications

    You can read PDF documents in both mail and Safari. Can you get some of you e-books in PDF format? A lot of mine are that way. I can post them up to my personal web page, or else e-mail them to myself.
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    Do you pinch or do you tap?

    Yeah I am not sure why he said tapping does not work 100% of the time. It does work when you do it. It just depends on where you do it though, as to what happens.
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    Do you pinch or do you tap?

    I have gotten more and more adept at tapping. At first I did a lot more pinching, but now by double-tapping multiples in some cases, I can usually get the zoom I want. So only if I can't get what I want after a few doubles will I do a pinch. My favorite thing about the iPhone is the browser...
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    Help! Dropped my iPhone in the toilet

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    Can you charge the battery with the iPhone turned off?

    I have heard this will work. Plug the phone into the charger, then turn it off. I have not tried it yet myself.
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    iPhone Friendly Websites

    I have started a list of iPhone friendly websites on You can check out the current list: iPhone Friendly Websites If you know any others please let me know so I can add them. I will hopefully have a more iPhone friendly acess to my AnyiPhone soon as well.
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    iPhone Operating System

    Good stuff. I thought this was cleared up along time ago. I saw it debunked the first time anyone mentioned the OS taking up like 700 megs.
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    "We have owned the file system"

    Will be interesting if they ever do anything. I have been hearing they are this close to this or that since hours after the phone came out. I understand the hacker mentality and their desire to break into it. But stuff like this is of minimal interest or benefit to the average person unless...
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    Can you surf & talk?

    I have only done this with the earbud headphones, but I can wifi and talk no problem.
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    Feeling Ripped Off? ... You Should!

    Yeah I met a lot of nice people in line as well. And most of the ones I talked with had their own businessses or planned to use their iPhones as part of their work.
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    Feeling Ripped Off? ... You Should!

    It amuses me to no end that the same people that run around and claim the iPhone is a toy and can't be used for businesss don't know the first thing about businesss. It is weird.
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    Speaker Problem

    Yeah I don't think there are two speakers. So when you cover the one up, not hearing much is probably to be expected. I do think that the speaker needs some work, because in a lot of cases it is not loud enough.
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    Feeling Ripped Off? ... You Should!

    Yeah but all those other cell phoens suck. Maybe if they made more profit they would have more money to spend on R&D and they could make some decent software. I don't feel ripped off at all. I like how people throw around these figures without any understanding what they mean. Maybe if the...
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    Apples Proprietary "Lock Em Out" days are numbered....

    Tomorrow will be 7 days. Something else tells me even if someone does manage to unlock it, that will not be the end of the game. I think there a few tricks left up Apple's sleeves that may become evident in the future.