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    Would you buy this iPhone? (pics)

    Ask yourself this. Why didn't the seller take a picture with the phone turned on if it is fully functional?
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    your home screen

    I added Google, CalcNexus, Jive Talk as well as bookmarklets for a tip calculator, scientific calculator, unit converter and package tracker. I also did a lot of rearranging including putting Camera and Settings on the dock in place of Mail and Photos.
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    iPhone back to $599 after Jan. 31?

    Technology isn't going to sit still. A new iPhone will eventually come out. I wouldn't be surprised to see the current model released with more memory before the next generation model comes out. There is a Touch w/ 16GB so it seems like a no-brainer that a 16GB iPhone will come out. I still...
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    Google iPhone interface

    I read an article recently that talked about a new location based capability in Google Maps. The feature uses GPS if available or bases the location on the cell tower you are attached to. It only works with WindowsMobile, Symbian and one other I don't remember. Hopefully this will be added to...
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    Where are all the features?

    I don't expect much more from Apple. I do expect some interesting, though probably not free, third party apps and games once the SDK is released. My only disappointment with the iPhone is the ringtones. I wanted to use the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme and some sound effects. The theme is on...
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    iPhone sitings on TV

    The first episode of that vampire detective show (Moonlight?) must have been sponsored by Apple. The girl in the show was taking pictures of everything with the phone. I think she also used it to do something else as well.
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    Using iPhone with new Mac...

    I've been a PC user since the days of booting DOS from a floppy, but I have to admit that the Macbook Pro looks really nice. I took a look at the MacBook Pro since there aren't too many PC laptop manufacturers that I would buy from again. I've had various issues with HP, IBM and Sony. The price...
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    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    Neat, I originally went to college for lighting design before switching to elec. engineering on a whim. The iPhone, like most electronics, is designed around the world. The ARM processor in it, for example, comes from UK based ARM. Many of the other chips weren't designed by Apple either. I...
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    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    34, electrical engineer in the IC industry. Tharmsen is right, $100K ain't much when the average house costs over a million.
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    Acrobat Reader for iPhone

    You can send a PDF to yourself as an email attachment. You can then view it using the Mail app.
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    So Can We Get Ringtones After the Latest Update?

    The two custom ringtones I had on my phone are still there after the update. The files are in the Ringtones directory and have cyptic filenames. The ringtones no longer show up in the ringtone list. This implies that there is still a way to do it. I'd use iTunes created ringtones if there were...
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    ApolloIM hits 1.0

    I always put the phone back into stand-by when I'm not using it and I was still getting a significant battery drain. I only did two short chats over a period of two days and had to charge my phone both days. I was logged into an AIM and an MSN account the whole time. I uninstalled the app...
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    iSplit appreciation thread!

    For those of who upgraded to 1.1.1 there is a very nice tip calculator available from A bookmarklet version is available from The bookmarklet can be used even when not connected to WiFi or Edge.
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    to case or not to case? do you case? or are you naked?

    I use a black leather Piel Frama snap case with belt clip. Classy looking and provides very good protection.
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    Everythig fine with new update?

    So you prefer to waste the time of others? Since you don't have the patience to look for the answer go ahead and give the update a try. Then you'll have your answer.