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    petition/mass email for better/quicker upgrades

    I'd sign it.. I want MMS ! etc. etc.
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    I am so mad that I can't even see straight! AHHHHHH.. This is nuts.. My phone is like 45 days old and now the price is 200 bucks less.. ON A BRAND NEW PRODUCT! WTF! This is totally unacceptable!
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    iPhone earpiece

    My volume is the worst.. I am very upset about it. I have called Apple, Written them .. etc etc..
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    What's Makin' you keep your iPhone?

    Apple needs to add a Volume fix and MMS.. I am giving them until Oct as well.. If these items aren't addressed it back to a Blackberry.
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    Volume fix, mms and iChat would be a great update..
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    What one thing do you want more than anything on your iPhone

    Volume.. That is, handset volume.. How long do we have to wait for this.. AHHHHH
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    iSkin Revo

    I just got my iSkin Revo and LOVE IT.. Works great.. Nice snug fit.
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    iPhone Volume Test

    volume fix Yes, But when is Apple giving us the update.. UGH.. Yes I know the phone just came out June 29th.. But not being able to hear people on my phone is getting REALLY OLD... REALLY FAST..
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    It IS a universal issue.. I have just been to the genius bar in Seattle, WA and they said it's a problem that Apple is aware of and that there is a fix on the way... I then called Apple support and they said that same thing. No ETA was given.. Just that is a known issue and a priority for...
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    blackberry pearl.. Which really was a great phone. As soon as my iPhone get's MMS and a Volume increase I will be happy.
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    Smart modders/hackers....lets fix the volume.

    volume on phone (while on calls) IS too low Yes, the phone volume while on a call.. NOT Headset, NOT RINGER, NOT Bluetooth headset. While you have the phone in your hand, next to your head.. (It's too low) volume with headset(s) is great. Someone please hack this .. PLEASE!
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    WiFi - Connected but not working

    I just bought a 39 dollar d-link router.. works fine now.
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    WiFi - Connected but not working

    I changed to WEP ascii or hex and now I don't lose the Wi-FI icon anymore. BUT I still can't go to a website.. I just says.. Safari can't open the page because it can't find the server