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    Fix iPhone 3G back scratches!

    I've used this way back when on my video ipod and the results are no where near what they claim to be. It might look better but you're still left feeling unsatisfied. I even had my ipod sent to them for them to "professionally" do it and it came back with swirl marks/scratches and still some...
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    Delay in receiving text messages?

    Yup, I'm AT&T and I find the problems to only be with Verizon
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    Delay in receiving text messages?

    could that have any affect on service in NY? lol
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    Delay in receiving text messages?

    Is anyone else seeing a short or long delay between when someone sends you a text message and when you receive it? It's been happening to me a lot more frequently recently and it's really annoying. For instance last night around 10pm someone sent me a text message and I got it at 11:14 this...
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    AIM 1.1 what new?

    I can tell you something that's NOT new, still signs you off after 5 minutes away from the app. What's the point of the "Sign-off on Exit" preference then, AIM? Frustrating.
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    Tips on installing invisibleSHIELD?

    Put mine on last night and I'm really disappointed, I've put these on more than 5 times (whoever said it gets easier the more you do it is wrong, lol) and the back of my phone looks like crap. I can take pictures if anyone wants to see what your phone might look like. Bubbles galore and the...
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    iPhone 3G clear/plastic 'shield'

    I ordered my invisible sheild from zagg last monday (9 days ago) and it still hasn't shipped.
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    Belkin Car Charged doesn't work with 3G

    I just got my iPhone 3G and I'm sad to say that the car charger I've used for all my ipods and my first gen iPhone,, doesn't work with the new iPhone 3G. :( When I plug it in a yellow triangle pops up that says "This...
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    How much longer is the iPhone 3G going to be hard to get a hold of?

    Just got back from the Apple store with my new black iPhone 3G. :)
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    Fingerprints on black iPhone 3G?

    Really? I ordered mine Monday night and I haven't heard anything about it shipping yet :(
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    iPhone 3G service on Long Island

    I just found this It says that they've had 3G available on all of LI expected by July 11th!
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    iPhone 3G service on Long Island

    Hey guys, I was wondering about the iPhone 3g service on Long Island. The map on the ATT website says that the 3G service is only in Nassau and Manhattan, have you found that to be true? Any hope of catching the service out in Suffolk?
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    AIM app

    this app is very buggy for me.. was testing it and I didn't get every IM on the iPhone, and sometimes I would but it would come up blank. Also, the IMs wouldn't show up until I went to the home screen and came back to the app. In the settings if you have the "Sign-off on exit" as on, there's...
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    Connection Timing Out After Update?

    I've been trying for a while now and mine just went through, yay! This is what I did, plugged in the iPhone, iTunes would start and I would get the error message. Hit ok, click "Music" in your Library, then click back on your iPhone in iTunes. It'll try again. This way you're not unplugging...
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    Car Symbol in Maps

    Anyone in the NY area (or anywhere) who click the button and have NOTHING happen at all? Whether viewing just the maps or driving directions? Mine never works :-\